The Hunger Games Exhibition: A Journey Through The Life of Katniss Everdeen


Like any good book series, “The Hunger Games” series became widely more popular through the movies portraying these books. With outrageous outfits and props it left fans in awe wanting more and more after each taste of something new. And for those who just can never seem to get enough of this book and movie series there is some good news.

The Hunger Games: Exhibition” is open in Times Square. And it will give you that taste of the Hunger Games you’ve been missing out on.

Take a trip to Panem, without any of the dangers of actually going to Panem.

You don’t even have to volunteer as tribute to get it.

The exhibition gives you even more insight to not only Katniss’ life, butdhnClL9Tcd0G2llm54LsDcPGGxS5Pn81Q5gHa3OhRk4 also the inspiration that Suzanne Collin’s used to write the books.
Begin your journey with Katniss, and follow her through her experiences from a young girl growing up in District 12. Learn how she became a great game hunter and what sparked that fight inside that attracts the love of so many.
See the exact outfits not only Katniss wore while hunting in the opening scenes, but others as well such as Gale and even Prim. Trinkets from the shop in which she worked. And much, much more insight.

Stay there until your ready but the reaping is just arounZ4NMXbJLM43C-KIPgyQR8xJul1zoINSiOhvWzkuZk54d the corner, and there is no avoiding it.

Seeing the bowls full of names of possible tributes in front of your face, while Effie reaches her hand in
to pick a name for the 74th annual Hunger Games, gives an overwhelming feeling. Almost hoping that the name was unrecognizable. 

And with an interactive map of Panem, viewing all the names that were pulled from not only District 12, but all the Districts. Even able to learn what each District specializes in, and where exa


ctly in Panem they are located.

Continuing on Katniss’ journey, on the train, on the way to the Capitol. Turning the corner to see one of the most iconic dresses for the first movie.

Katniss and Peeta are set up in the chariot as you turn the corner. Katniss in the dress that started the spark for the “Girl On Fire.” Moving on to the beautiful red dress she wore when Cesear Flickerman actually gave her the nickname on Capitol TV.EjWK-rHosf1E2koVXiq7m0Ul8R6Lcvhp9gd0aSOMjHU

Anyone can even sit down for a talk with Caesar Flickerman, to fulfill a dream of wanting to be on Capitol TV, in one of his iconic and flashy outfits. Hairdoo and all!

Soon enough it’s time to train. Practice different types of knots and defensive moves. Even become a gamemaker. May the odds be ever in your favor.

After being saved from the games, follow Katniss into the lost District 13, in order to lead the rebellion against the Capitol and President Snow. Learn all about how District 13 survives and thrives.

The last Hunger Games movie is highly anticipated yet out for viewing. So how else would a Hunger Games exhibition of all the beautiful props and outfits end, but with all of the iconic outfits of Katniss Everdeen. From her Mocking Jay Dress and Hunting Gear, to her beautifully handcrafted wedding dress.qH6AGVL1IeGxVLaAMTqf8Ql5ON_rGFafgsTjZ-pjdjY

The Hunger Games Exhibition displayed the journey of Katniss wonderfully. The props and and outfits of all the characters are even more beautiful in person. Making you appreciate the effort that gets put into the out of the world costume design even more.

Although I did thoroughly enjoyed my experience here at the exhibition, I do believe some of the younger fans may have their patience tested. Seeing as younger kids live for interaction I could totally picture them running through, not able to appreciate the hand crafted wearable pieces of art surrounding them.

As for the gift shop, I wanted to buy everything. But when some of the jewelry comes out to $2,000 price point, I decided it was a bit out of my budget. So I settled for a small trinket and got a Mocking Jay pin, which will now be worn around on my jacket, rather than many of the other interesting Hunger Games items they had for sale.

The experience of seeing all the props I’ve come to love from watching the movies being a fan, was jaw dropping. I would definitely recommend any fan to go view.

“Panem today, Panem tomorrow, Panem forever.”

“And may the odds be ever in your favor.”

The exhibit is located at Discovery Times Square at 226 W. 44th St. in
New York. Tickets are $29.50.