The Strange Timeline In The Trial Of The King Of Pop

The date June 25, 2009, is now a day engraved in the minds of so many, a day that will be remembered as a “where where you when” day of this generation.  The King of Pop died mysteriously, and the investigation into his death has continued to be just as puzzling.

Michael Jackson defined pop culture for decades. He possesses the biggest selling album of all time, and he’s one of the greatest talents the world has ever seen and arguably the greatest entertainer who ever lived. He sang, danced and entertained like no other. The man who defined pop culture for decades now lies entombed at the famous Forest Lawn cemetery.

Mercy student Brittany Hillman said, “I love MJ. He is irreplaceable. He had his problems, but he made good music and that’s all that matters to me.”

As the news of his death spread across the world, from the grandest capitals to the smallest village on the African continent, the world was in shock. Everyone wanted to know, how did he die?

And this is when the world first heard of Dr. Conrad Murray, Jackson’s personal physician. According to the Los Angeles county coroner’s report, an autopsy had been carried out on the legendary entertainer, and propofol had been found in his body. Propofol is a powerful anesthetic drug and some of its uses include the induction and maintenance of general anesthesia, sedation for mechanically ventilated adults, and procedural sedation. A mixture of the powerful anesthetic propofol   and the anti-anxiety drug lorazepam apparently killed Michael Jackson.

Murray, born and raised in Grenada, was hired by promoters AEG  Live, at as Jackson’s  personal physician ahead of his “This Is It Tour.”

“Michael was a very talented performer and very famous. When you’re famous, people try to pull you down, and fame is not always a good thing,” said Mercy student Loren Eastaquio.  I think his doctor should be punished. He is to blame.

“Michael wasn’t a doctor. He was the doctor. He should have been watching him and should have known better.”

The coroner’s statement said propofol was ruled as a major factor in Michael’s death. And once again the king of pop was at the center of controversy and conspiracy theories. Even in death, Michael dominated headlines.

In September of 2011, two years after his death, the trial of his physician started in Los Angeles California. He is being charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson. If convicted, the doctor could spend four years in prison. And as always with anything and everything with Michael Jackson, the media went into a frenzy and the world is watching with rapt attention. Murray’s defense began the trial with a claim that Michael swallowed propofol when his doctor stepped out of the bedroom to go to the bathroom, however, in a shocking turn of events almost a month into the trial, the defense has dropped that claim saying here was no way Michael could have orally ingested the drug because it would not be absorbed in the body.

Murray told the police that he injected Jackson with 25 milligrams of propofol to help him sleep, then he left the room for a few minutes and he when he came back in the room, Jackson wasn’t breathing. However, phone records show he was on the phone for 25 minutes with his girlfriend and only called  9-1-1 nearly 20 minutes after he found out Michael wasn’t breathing.

“A normal person needs his sleep. A shame that they have to turn to the lengths they do,” said Jordan Martinez, a self professed big Michael Jackson fan.

“He changed the music world. It’s a shame he died he way he did.”

One of the doctors who testified, Dr.  Alon Steinberg, said he found Murray’s behavior strange and that even a five minute delay could be a difference between life and death. He also said that the doctor should have been honest with the paramedics about giving Michael propofol. The doctor also hid evidence.

David Walgren,  the prosecution attorney, said, “Dr. Murray’s repeated incompetent and unskilled acts led to Mr. Jackson’s death.”

Dr. Paul White, an expert on the surgical anesthetic propofol, tried to convince the court last week that Jackson had injected himself with a fatal dose of the drug while Murray was absent. While he claims Murray’s actions are questionable, they should not be considered involuntary manslaughter.

Prosecution argues that  Murray was grossly negligent. For one, it is a crime to use propofol outside of a surgery room, yet he used it on Jackson for two months before his death, and he was not using proper monitoring equipment.

Murray’s character is questionable because of a lot of information that has come out in the trial. He has six kids from five different women, all of whom have testified. One of the woman was on the phone with while Michael died. Apparently he was paid $150,000 a month for his services to Jackson, who was his only patient. On Nov. 7, a jury found Murray guilty of involuntary manslaughter. He will be sentenced on Nov. 29 and could be facing up to four years in prison.

Michael Jackson may have a lot fans around the world, but those who were closest to him insist he had plenty of enemies. His family has insinuated that he was murdered by many, not just by Murray. His sister LaToya has said, “Dr. Murray is the fall guy.”  She says some people wanted Jackson dead for his Beatles catalogue and his money, and apparently on one occasion, said his sister, he feared he was going to be murdered.

His ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of another music icon who died a tragic death, said to Oprah that Jackson confided in her that he was scared he would end up like Elvis and that people wanted him dead. She says he told her who they were, but she would not say, and that those people are behind the molestation allegations meant to destroy Jackson.

A lot of questions regarding Michael Jackson may never be answered. He is a mystery even in death.

His life spread a mysterious aura and now so does his death. Michael had no childhood. He became a superstar at the age of 9, and by 21 he was the biggest star on the planet. He suffered from a lack of privacy his entire life and went from an American advertising staple to a being involved in many bizarre scandals.