Discovered Has Changed A Contestant’s Life


For Danny Spadaro, his life with music came together six years ago at a seventh grade talent show in West Caldwell, New Jersey.

Spadaro knew since he first picked up a guitar at eight years old, and started singing at age 13 in front of live audiences that his passion was driving towards music.

However, music wasn’t his only choice. Currently a freshman at William Paterson University, originally Spadaro applied to Rutgers University for architecture and engineering on behalf that he still enjoys the creative process, and math has always been a strong subject for him.

Many guitar players learn to play during their own time, however, Spadaro is not afraid to admit that he had some help back in the good old days of high school. His teacher, Joe De Angelis, is credited towards Spadaro’s start to success. Originally, Spadaro attempted violin, but admits that it just wasn’t for him.

“Anyone that has ever worked to achieve something that they passionately desire eventually discovers how worth it the journey is,” says Spadaro. “I have to thank my wonderful parents and family, and my incredible guitar teacher, Joe De Angelis, who made me love music.”

Spadaro’s career took a riveting turn when one day in high school, Spadaro saw an advertisement that caught his eye for the DISCOVERED competition that led him to the website to try out.

When first auditioning, Spadaro and his cousin were playing their own acoustic songs to try to earn a spot in the competition.  A spot in the finals was their goal, and they accomplished that, only to unfortunately have Spadaro show up to the finals alone. Yet the talented singer came through under the bright lights, and took second place.

In his spare time, Spadaro enjoys to cover some of his favorite artists such as John Mayer, Jonas Brothers, Maroon 5, and Motown.

“I enjoy when people do covers on their own,” claims Spadaro.

Spadaro earned second place and was even lucky enough to be signed to the Mercy College recording label as well, and has since became a spokesman for the DISCOVERED competition.

Spadaros first single “Tightrope” was practically an accident.

‘I was playing on the guitar and I struck a melody that had a life influence that reminded me of putting it all out there and that it is sometimes hard to balance.”

When hearing the single, critics say “Tightrope” reminds them of a mix of Jason Mraz combined with an ounce of John Mayer.

Spadaro displays a penchant for crafting catchy hooks and memorable melodies that belie his age. Spadaro’s guitar playing and distinctive vocals are also evident throughout the track, which invites the listener to sing along to its infectious chorus after only one play. Spadaro is inspired by “good people” and would like his music to become a positive force that brings people together. He also lets his music do the talking.

When Spadaro’s family learned the news of his success, Spadaro said with a smile:“They are all going crazy.”

Spadaro laughs about his future and realizes this industry is nearly impossible to predict. In regard to his career, he hopes it takes off and “people catch on to it.”

One of Spadaro’s dreams sounds like a dream for any musician – to win a Grammy.

Spadaro also plans to work with some producing, promoting, as well as coming up with some creative song writing, as well as a music program in a poverty-stricken area that provides free music classes and lessons to children.