OP/ED: Sexual Abstinence For A New Generation


The health and well-being of our nation’s young people should be the highest priority for society. Sexual abstinence is the act of refraining from all aspects involving sexual activity with another individual.Sexual behaviors are predominant within the human race. Sexuality is a diverse method for reflecting the capacity of an individual for sexual feelings. The arguments for abstinence mainly focuses on teenagers and how they are being the target for medical and religious issues.

There may be some who shrug their shoulders at the issue, but sexual abstinence could be something extremely beneficial for generations to come. Parents are always concerned that their children make the right choices to avoid unwanted pregnancies, abortions and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). If teenagers are not exposing themselves in sexual activities, if they are abstinent, then they will be “safe” when it comes to pregnancy or STD. If society is striving for, no sex is really the only safe for teens, and that is the answer.

Moreover, US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) studies show a particularly heavy toll on young people. “CDC estimates that youth ages 15-24 make up just over one quarter of the sexually active population, but account for half of the 20 million new sexually transmitted infections that occur in the United States each year.”Any reasonable person can see that if risky in teens is so high-level, sexual behavior has been the common-denominator, there has to be a reason for teens to be sexually active at just fifteen.  

Perhaps the education offered nowadays comes with taboos and society’s view on moral perception?    There is no way around that. Let’s say you want to taught sexual education to a younger crowd. According to society everything thats has to do with sex in any form makes you a pervert, therefore it will be extremely hard because of moralistic and religious ethics. However even though educational- programs do not “care” of the sexual life of students, we must be honest and realistic about the life threatening conditions that sexual activity can lead a person to have.

Public speaker, John Zogby states “83 percent of parents said they wanted their children to be abstinent until marriage and 6 out of 10 parents wanted their child to receive abstinence education instead of the comprehensive sex education offered in the public schools.”

But what about religion and their regulation between the good and bad? Yes, religion principles, but even more specific, Sex versus Religion. Religion have seen a need to address the question of a “proper” role for sexuality in human interactions. However nowadays we seen stories of pastors rapping children and the church keep quiet. They are followed by many people around the world, and are viewed as role models for the modern society. While there are several reasons why Religion is most likely to judge sex as something “evil”, others suggest that the two biggest causes are the low acknowledgment of sex over faith, which is nothing ethical when it comes to the physical health of an individual. Majority of people are religious orientated and they are believed to come from strong-spiritual families, also trying to change the minds set of an entire population will be something extremely hard to do. Though this seems to be predominantly disadvantage  for sexually active teens, it also contributes to a long fight for their human rights, specially for their sex rights.  

The truth is that there are tones of Sexually Transmitted Diseases out there that needs to be stop, there is a large factor to consider: the idea that anything that is easily accessible loses value. In this case sex nowadays is becoming easier for teens to acquire.

In the United States, prevalence rates of many sexually acquired infections are highest among adolescents and young adults. For example, chlamydia and gonorrhea are highest among teenagers during their adolescent, and many are not aware because these infections sometimes do not show symptoms.

It has been reported that many teens are having sex with several partners, which can be reflected back to their education, not only in school but in their house as well. Despite the high rates of infections documented in the adolescent population, physician frequently fail to inquire about sexual behaviors. Discussions concerning sexual behavior should be appropriate for the patient’s developmental level and should be aimed at identifying risk behaviors. It is important to make a nonjudgmental, statement thorough counseling and guidance particularly for adolescents who might not feel comfortable expressing their sexual needs. 

 Immaturity and mistakes are commonly associated with teenagers. Protecting confidentiality, particularly for adolescents is a big problems and after an immense need for mentoring  them about the benefit of the doubt, and not everybody is to be trusted.  In addition, federal laws must be created to obligate teens to tell their partner (s) when they have an infection. This can be translated to a privacy invasion, however it will makes our adolescents to make wiser choices when it comes to their sexual life. 

Any healthy relationship includes mutual respect. When dating, it’s important that your partner respects your choice of abstinence because it’s important to you. Growing together into a loving and authentic relationship takes time, mutual support, respect and communication. Sex often interferes with the development of a lasting relationship because physical intimacy tends to be a detour from emotional intimacy.

.When dating couples engage in sex, they often spend less time talking and sharing thoughts, feelings and dreams. They “feel” close and in “love.”

The safest option is the abstinence which remains the only reliable way to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Being sexually active comes with complications, now may be the time to keep your life simple.

Once can say that condoms will do the job, but nothing in this life is guaranteed. This is just one of the many different paths life has to offer and this is just a healthiest one. Sexual abstinence is a very real option for many people, and it’s worth considering if it may be right for you at this stage in your life.

It is a very personal choice, and a new lifestyle.

While this is an endless battle because once may say “if we all do the abstinence,” then the human race will disappear.” Probably not  because of the technology that we use nowadays and if more people practice a responsible sex than abstinence will be a choice not a need.