OP/ED: If You Want Change, Don’t Vote Biden


With the recent announcement that will see Bernie Sanders suspend his campaign for the Democratic nomination, it is impossible to ignore the similar narratives that plagued the DNC in 2016, albeit the candidate is slightly different.

For a party that seems not only unwilling to move past its core concepts, choosing not one, but likely two candidates that will end up losing to Donald Trump in elections, but one that has no interest in being a party to stand up for progressive issues moving forward, the only answer for the problem of the Democratic party is simple: don’t vote for Joe Biden.

Now while theoretically, Joe Biden could end up not being the Democratic representative come this November, it is a massive longshot of that not happening, and with that, it’s leading Democrats into a near repeat of 2016. While I think Biden has a better chance of winning than Clinton, purely down to him not being a woman, Biden is still plagued by so many issues, that it’s actually impressive that no one (within the DNC) has learned anything.

Whether it be his inability to maintain any opinion over a course of time, his role in various operations that backfired, or the accusations of sexual assault against him, Joe Biden is nothing more than a lighter version of Donald Trump. 

A vote for Joe Biden will not protect those who are already vulnerable now, because as the Democrats showed last time they were in the White House, if it doesn’t continue to aid this Neo-liberal fantasy of pretending to be progressive, while also keeping one’s hands in the pocket of every corporation that’ll pay up, they don’t care.

Now you could be asking, “but Joe Biden made a funny meme while VP for Obama (the best President ever,) how could this possibly be true?”

On the social side, he has not only openly spoken against gay marriage and abortion, but he was even one of the leading figures on the fight against desegrated busing during his first term in congress back in the 1970s. 

And let’s not even forget his treatment of Anita Hill’s testimony in 1991, where he flat out chose not to further investigate her claims of sexual mistreatment from the now Supreme Court member, Clarence Thomas.

But if you’re willing to gloss over these issues, I have two things I’d like to say to you:

  1. You’re a coward
  2. That’s not all the skeletons he has in his closet.

On the legislative side, Biden has shown no history of competency or even justification of said actions, especially with his backing of the Iraq War, which has proven to be just another never-ending conflict to justify further United States’ involvement in the Middle East.

But again, this isn’t the end of Biden’s resume. Whether it be NAFTA, TPP, PNTR, his support of a 1994 crime bill that has resulted in more mass incarceration for people of color, or him pushing forth a bill that a 2005 bankruptcy bill, which is now a large factor behind the student debt crises we face now.

A vote for Joe Biden is a return to the status quo. A vote for Joe Biden is the same problems we face now, albeit with a (slightly) more appealing coat of paint. A vote for Joe Biden is what leads to Donald Trump entering the White House to begin with. If you’re looking for the answer from the Democrats, it’s time to accept that it won’t start with them.

If you want to make a message to the Democrats for the future, take the time to vote for the Green Party in 2020. While they’re still amid determining their representative, you’ll be getting a more effective candidate than Biden or Trump.

Now, there are a few critiques I can already do hear — there are some to make. But to respond to what I can imagine them being, here are a few rebuttals.

To those saying that I’m wasting my vote, I’m not. Is there a shot in hell that whoever the Greens choose will end up winning? Not a damn chance. But here’s the kicker: if a political party receives five percent of the popular vote, they’ll get federal funding.

That’s so important, that I will actually say it again: if a political party receives five percent of the popular vote, they’ll get federal funding.

Guess what drives American politics? Money. Boom. If you want to see these progressive issues pushed forward, vote for a party that’ll support them. 

If the Greens earn this, it can be a kick starter to allow further progressive politicians to step forth. Does this mean we’ll be seeing a Green Party President in 2024? Probably not. But the local level is where change starts, and some federal money wouldn’t hurt. Even on a congressional level, this would be a godsend for people who are tired of what the Dems are offering.

For those saying that I’m giving Trump the victory, I would say to ease off. The people giving Trump the victory are the ones voting for him (yes, I understand the third party fallacy. I still don’t care.) The Democrats had their chance to win my vote, and that fell apart when they chose Biden. And I use the word “chose” with complete intent; if you don’t believe that the Dems didn’t have their eyes on Biden the entire time, then you need to pay more attention.

Biden is the Democratic Party in a nutshell. He’s out of touch and unaware. A band-aid on a stab wound. To continue to support the party through this is a wasted vote. If you want change, don’t not vote, but vote where your interests lie. Don’t feel bad for having opinions and not wanting to throw those away because everyone tells you to.

While electoral politics are only a piece of the greater puzzle of this country, it is one that cannot be ignored. Take the time to study and find candidates you believe in. If the accused sexual assaulter, who has no interest in you or other people who aren’t willing to pay him for his time, then don’t vote for him.