10 Things To Do During Quarantine

10 Things To Do During Quarantine

10 things you can do to keep yourself at peace during the coronavirus pandemic.


The circumstances that we have been forced to live in are very trying and hard. It’s easy for people to fall into chaos mode. We feel alone, lost, and unheard. Sometimes it feels like we are the only one going through something, but we have to remember everyone is dealing with their own battles no matter what age they are. From cancellations, jobs loss, working from home, taking care of your loved ones, and more – we are all dealing with something. It is important for us to remember we are not alone. It is even more important for us to not fall into an unmotivated trap. Instead of dealing with this situation in an unproductive way, here are 10 ways to keep you busy, motivated, and at home during this pandemic. 



  •  Organize/Rearrange your living space.

During our regular workdays, it’s hard to get a little time off, and when we do, we have other things to worry about. It seems like we never get a break to organize our living space. Your living space is essential. If you come home to a messy or unorganized room, your life is going to feel more unorganized, which will then lead to stress. Now is the perfect time to organize your space. Your room is your safe place, you should take care of it. Not many realize this, but when your space is organized, your mind is as well. Knowing where everything is makes life easy. It takes one full day to get rid of the old things in your closet. It will take one day to make your life feel organized and less stressful. Here’s an extra tip: there are so many people who are in need right now. Everything you don’t need doesn’t always have to be thrown in the trash. All your clothes, books, toys, etc. can all be given to goodwill. So, not only will you be relieving stress for yourself, you will be helping those in need. 


  • Learn a new hobby.

We have all the time in the world now to learn that one thing that we have always wanted to learn, but never had the time to. Pick up that paintbrush, guitar, spatula, or whatever it is you want to learn. There are so many tutorials for new hobbies on YouTube. By the end of this, you will feel accomplished and have a new hobby. Learning this hobby can even open up new doors for you or keep you distracted when you feel like there’s nothing left to do. Knowledge is power: the more you know how to do, the more power you have as a human.



  • Get in shape!

There are so many ways to get in shape. Working out is not always lifting weights in the gym or going for runs. You can work out in the comfort of your own home, even while watching television! Here’s a challenge: every time a commercial comes on, do 25 squats. Boom there you are working out. YouTube has millions of videos for at-home workouts such as Zumba, yoga, cardio, etc. Anything you can think of is right at your fingertips. Even some workout apps are giving free trials. Now there really is no excuse! Go get that summer body you’ve been yearning for.   


  • Drive around!

Going for drives is one of the most underrated yet very therapeutic things you can do. Whenever you feel like you need to get out of the house and clear your mind, go for a calm drive. Driving around can allow you to enjoy the time by yourself while also practicing social distancing. Every person needs to get outside at least once during the quarantine and going for a drive is the safest way to do so! Also, don’t forget to create a playlist with all of your favorite songs on it before you leave your driveway. You will come back into your house feeling happy and safer than ever. Just remember to drive safely!


  • Zoom Parties!

One of the best ways to interact with your friends, roommates, and family, who you aren’t able to see in person, is through video chat! This allows you to be in contact with people outside of the four walls of your home! Every person needs some social interaction. My friends and I have been using Zoom every night since we had to leave school, and it’s so fun! P.S. If you’re like me and have a birthday coming up, I suggest you use Zoom to have a nice party with lots of fun games. Aside from Zoom, there are many other apps such as Netflix Party, where you and your friends can all watch a movie at the same time, and FRANKLY, an app that allows you and your friends to play fun games while on video chat! Just a little research on this can go a long way and lead you to another memorable night with your loved ones. 


  • Write!

During these trying times, it is important to make sure our mental health is on track. For some, it’s easy – and for others, it is a genuine struggle. Sometimes it’s hard to express the way we feel to others due to different circumstances. Writing is the greatest form of therapy. It allows you to release all of your emotions in a safe place where there is no judgement or outside opinions. Keeping things bottled up can only last for a certain amount of time. You can only withstand so much pressure until you explode. It is in your best interest to release these emotions in a safe way. Express yourself through your writing. It’s not corny, it’s effective. Say what you have to say and feel what you are feeling. Don’t suppress your emotions for the sake of others. Release them, be free. It’s okay. 


  • Spend time with your loved ones. 

This one goes especially for students. We tend to take for granted the time that we have with the family we have left on this earth. Whether in person or over the phone, spend some quality time with your family and loved ones. Play a card game, let your elders tell you stories, give your grandparents a call or your cousins that you haven’t talked to in months. Tell the people around you how much you love and appreciate them. Use this time to your advantage instead of being so focused on your friends and boyfriend and college parties. Focus on your family and what they’re up to. Sometimes we lose sight of what’s important. Make memories that you will cherish forever because we have learned that this world is a scary place and that nothing is promised. 


  • Meditate

One thing a lot of people (even me at first) tend to look past, is meditation. It’s hard to get into your own groove and it is even harder to learn what meditation works best for you. Some simple tips to keep in mind during meditation are: you should not be falling asleep, your mind shouldn’t be thinking about one million things, you shouldn’t really be thinking at all – you should be in that moment with yourself. Once you have mastered this, you will open up to a brand new side of yourself. That meditation time will be used as a safe place for your mind. A lot of people do it before they start their day or before they’re about to go to sleep, so they are able to sleep with a clear head. Now is the perfect time to clear your mind, body, and soul.


  • Binge-watch!

As of right now, everyone has the perfect excuse to be as lazy as they want. Binge watchers, it is your time to shine! Another thing you can do during this time is binge-watch your favorite shows or favorite movies that you always wanted to finish but never had the time. Wake up early one day, get your favorite snacks and food from the kitchen, snuggle up, and start watching! Whether it’s alone or with your family, this is something you can do without being called a bum because obviously, THERE’S NOTHING ELSE TO DO!


  • Spend time with yourself. 

It’s hard for people to understand the importance of this. Normally we are always on the go looking for the next thing or next party or something to keep us occupied. When do we ever appreciate the time we get to spend with ourselves? Time alone will allow you to take a step back and realize how many things and people you are allowing in your life that can be toxic to you. Now is the time to become aware of those toxic behaviors and get rid of them. It is time to learn how to love yourself and learn about your likes and dislikes. Take this time to step back and acknowledge what you love about yourself and say these things out loud. Learn how to not be so hard on yourself, your opinions of different situations, your habits – the good and bad – and try to get rid of the bad if you can. Spending time alone will allow you to start loving yourself more because it shows you that you’re the only one who truly knows you. Take this time to learn about yourself and who you are because once you learn this, you have the ultimate power. You will finally be in control. You are your number one best friend – take care of yourself.