Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

“If I could, I would” has been a sentence that everyone has said more than once in their lifetime. 

For me. 

If I could, I would have my dream job with a big music or television company. My father always told me “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.”Aand if I could, I would have a job that makes me feel that way.

If I could, I would live on my own. In my own apartment. I would decorate it the way I want. I would blast Ari Lennox’s New Apartment every morning because I finally have my own place. Nobody would be able to tell me otherwise because it is my place. 

If I could, I would be in love. A real, genuine love, a love that is admired by others. A love where there’s trust, understanding, growth. A love where we realize we do not own one another, yet we are giving each other the opportunity to experience the other. 

If I could, I would have a family in the future, one that’s not broken, a family who eats dinner together at night, a family who goes on vacation together, plays games together. A family that can feel as though they trust one another to tell each other anything. 

Notice how I keep saying “If I could, I would ” but why can’t I? What exactly is stopping me? What is holding me back. Was I not meant to have the things I desire? Was there another lifestyle that is meant for me? 

The answer is the only thing holding me back from all of my dreams is myself, and my mind. 

The word ‘if’ is a very tricky one because it sets me up for the possibility of something that potentially won’t happen which causes me to have a lazy mindset because I am already preparing myself for the worst when a situation hasn’t even happened yet.  

Mindsets control everything, from a young age people have been raised into a specific mindset that will have an ever lasting effect on them throughout their whole lives. This mindset can be caused by our surroundings, family, friends, experiences etc. Everything that happens at a young age will have an effect on you and the way you think.

So, if someone was raised to have a negative mindset, everything in the person’s life will be negative. A lot of people live with a woe is me mindset. They always have something negative to say. Notice how people like this never get their way, because frankly no matter what nothing is ever good for them. If one thing goes wrong, it’s the end of their world. This is a toxic behavior and can cause many downfalls in a person’s life. 

Then we have really positive people who pick themselves up after every downfall, we tend to see these are the most successful and happy people, because they have coped to dealing with failure and know how to turn their failures into a success and a learning experience. Everything in this person’s life will feel less stressful because they don’t carry all the weight of their negativity.

The truth is all of that negativity is caused by them and they don’t realize. 

What you put into this world, is exactly what you will get back. So if you put negativity into the world, the world will give that negativity right back to you. 

For example, say I’m going into a job interview for my dream job but I’m somewhat nervous. If I go into a job interview thinking “ehh I’m probably not going to get this job, they probably have better candidates than me.” Now my chances are more likely to not get that job because my mindset changes my energy. The negative mindset I went in with will make me seem not as confident, which means now they are more likely to find a more positive and confident candidate.

If I go into an interview with a positive mindset I will be thinking “This is my chance to shine, I got this.” I would have gone into the interview with confidence and it would have shown. Now I have a positive outcome because I am more likely to get the job than someone who was negative from the jump. 

This is for any situation, whether it’s about love, your future or short term goals, going in any situation with a positive mindset will force you to want to work for something that you’ve been longing for and sooner or later you will get it. 

How do you maintain or even start this mindset? 

One way to keep positive is to wake up early every morning and set yourself up with specific goals for that day, meditate, write down your negative thoughts and try to change the wording of them to make them positive. Give yourself a game plan for how you will take on each day and each opportunity that comes your way. 

A positive mindset goes a very long way, it can change your whole life. Like I said before, the energy you put into this world is the energy that the world gives out to you. Instead of saying “If I could, I would” start saying “One day I will” or “My goal is to… and I will achieve it.” 

Watch how everything changes. 

Positivity causes greatness and will set you up for success no matter what situation. If there is anything you want to change in your life, now is your moment. Protect yourself, and your energy, stay positive.