In Youth We Learn; In Age We Understand


Katie O'Connor, Impact Staff

You’re in college, get ready to get old. These are the days where you are semi responsible for yourself but you’re also living a false sense of reality. As a 27 year old college student, I myself am in a weird kind of limbo. I am almost fully independent yet scared to face the work force in fears starting out in the work force and losing in the rat race.

For what it’s worth, there are a few things I have noticed in my own experiences that I feel I should forewarn my younger classmates about.

First thing’s first, chances are that one you graduate you are going back home to live mom and dad. That’s way easier said than done. You could have the coolest parents in the world, that doesn’t matter. You will be scorned by this move back to the nest. From being on your “own” for four years, to going back to their ways and rules of life is easy for no one. Every little thing will start to bug you, it’s not their fault, their just doing their job as parents.

Next thing you’ll notice is that you have grown up in your time away from home learning, even if you’re a commuter, same thing. Time away from home at school gives you a sense of responsibility and entitlement that can be used as an excuse for many things. Chores? Nope, I have to go to class. This excuse is now out the window once you get that diploma.

Job searching. This is the scariest part of facing graduation. It is very easy to grab a willy nilly job for the summer at a store or restaurant and then get stuck there because you’re comfortable. You are making money but not enough as to where you can leave mom and dad’s. Going out and searching for a career seems like a very daunting task, but let’s remember, you just spent four years honing your skills for this very task.

Besides finding your path in life and making it out on your own, there is one major change that you must prepare for. After graduation you have a solid three years of partying left. Not to say people don’t rage at all ages but the effects are drastically different.

I impart this wisdom with all the seriousness I can muster. After the age of 24, the hangovers are unbearable. It is scientific fact that the body starts to change, in a downhill manner. There are different levels of the aged hangover and none of them include a shower and a pair of sunglasses as a cure.

Each year that you age, they get worse. You start to notice the horizontal hangover where you can’t get off the couch. You didn’t black out but you were obviously drunk the night before and your friends know that you will probably be going from bed to couch and back to bed. These seem bad at first but in comparison to the others, this seems like an excuse to be lazy.

Next type of hangover is the one where you swear of the booze for the rest of your days. You know this is not true as do your friends. You’re looking for attention but will not receive any sympathy.

It gets worse. The anxiety attack is one of the two worst hangovers you could have. You blacked out, no one is answering your texts. You think your dying, you take a couple of aspirin and try to sleep it off. Jokes on you, you’ll be awake all night with the “hate-me’s.”

Then there is the two-day hangover. This happens whether you want to believe it or not. This includes the shakes, anxiety and no end in sight. You WebMD your symptoms and it says you have cancer. The mind is dehydrated and very gullible, you just wish you knew what it was like to feel normal.

Everyone has their tricks to avoid these instances but truth is it’s a gamble when you drink as you get older. You can be responsible and have a few waters while you booze it up to try and stay hydrated or keep that Advil by your night stand to prevent the headache. Truth is, nature will take it’s course and more often that not you are screwed the next day because guess what! You are getting older, sorry.