Week in Review- Jets vs Steelers

Week in Review- Jets vs Steelers

Just last week on Monday Night Football everything was well in Jet land. The Jets came away with a huge road win over the Atlanta Falcons in a game when everything was clicking and going to the Jets way. On Sunday, the Jets were unable to ride the momentum and come away with back to back victories against quality opponents.

On Sunday at Metlife Stadium, the Jets were beat in all aspects of the game by the always dangerous Pittsburgh Steelers. As I sat in section 124, I just knew this was going to be a rough day for Gang Green. With the stadium filled with Jets fans, and a large number of Steelers fans, Metlife was loud from the start. But as the game went on, it was only the Steeler fans dong the cheering.

On the first drive of the game the Jets defense missed a huge opportunity to put points on the board early.  With the Steelers offense pinned inside the five yard line, Jets star lineman Muhammad Wilkerson broke free from a block and had a free run at QB Ben Roethlisberger.  Wilkerson made the mistake of trying to tackle Big Ben high, instead of wrapping him up or going for his legs. Roethlisberger was able to slip free from Wilkerson and get rid of the ball. The missed sack cost the Jets two points on what would have been a safety, and a huge momentum builder for the rest of the game.

Jets kicker Nick Folk has been automatic all year, but on Sunday, I bet the Jets wish he did not have to be on the field so often. The Jets scored a season low 6 points in a 19-6 loss. While Folk drilled both his field goal attempts, the Jets offense missed many scoring opportunities all day long.

While Geno Smith did not have a great game, the rookie did not play as poorly as the stats show.  He did throw 3 interceptions, but with limited offensive weapons due to injury, Smith was forced to make some throws he normally would not have made.  He did make a poor decision early on when the Jets had a nice drive going and he threw a pass into triple coverage to tight end Konrad Reuland, which was picked off, and stopped any hope of the Jets grabbing points.  All game long the Jets were just not able to put a touchdown drive together.

The Jets defense only gave up a respectable nineteen points, but this was not a dominant performance from the defense.  The Jets were able to shut down the running game with relative ease, but the Jets had issues defending the pass. Roethlisberger was able to connect with speedy receiver Antonio Brown for a perfectly executed 55 yard bomb for a touchdown in which Brown got by pro bowl cornerback Antonio Cromartie.  The Jets also had no answer for Steelers tight end Heath Miller who had over 90 yards receiving.

Overall, this was a very disappointing game for the Jets, especially at home. It was obvious all day that the Steelers just simply outperformed and seemed to be one step ahead of everything the Jets threw at them.  The Jets also suffered a big loss when speedy running back Mike Goodson ended up tearing both is ACL, and his MCL, which will force him to miss the rest of the 103-2014 season. Goodson added a speed element to the Jets offense, that simply cannot be replaced.

Next week the Jets welcome the New England Patriots to Metlife Stadium for another huge AFC East battle.