Facebook making millionaires


Facebook creates a millionaires club and a few billionaires too. Facebook Co-Founder Mark Zuckerberg aged 27 is known to become one of the richest people in the world, Facebook is a social networking service and website launched in February 2004. Facebook which is used by all ages and almost by everyone having a big population every second.  Every second in a day know that someone is signing up for a Facebook account. People used it everyday in different ways some for communicating with friends, family and loved ones all over the world, some use it for jobs, selling and buying stuff, some for relationships, “best-of” list, saying, “How on earth did we stalk our exes, remember our co-workers’ birthdays, bug our friends, and play a rousing game of Scrabulous before Facebook, and dating purposes and majority use it as a contact link to get to them. It’s entertaining features that allow you to upload videos, and pictures make it pretty cool. Its cool feature that was added a few months ago to make it very competitive with Skype and ovoo is the video message and chat. Facebook is growing, almost everybody has one, its cool to have and I believe to be cool in society it’s a must have. Even for those who don’t buy the idea of Facebook have their own reasons not to they say stuff like it bring conflicts and people steal their pictures for their beneficial reasons, people they don’t know even know who they are and all sorts of things. Facebook is connecting people from all over the world in the most unique way. Its the more updated, more interactive version of an email account. its rare today to find someone who doesn’t have a Facebook account. Every minute of the day, you will find that some one has posted a status telling the world what they’re up to or uploading photo’s or videos of themselves and friends for the world to see. Going on Facebook has now become the favorite past time but it has negatives.

Because people spend so much time on the site, they become obsessed. They start updating their statuses every 5 minutes, uploading every photo ever taken of them, or creeping. Facebook creeping is done on an everyday basis and we’ve all done it. We all want to see what our friends and family are up to and Facebook makes it possible. If you were to creep on someone in person, you would be considered a stalker. but when you do it online, the person whom you’re creeping on will never know. That is a scary fact because many are posting every detail of their lives and don’t realize that some of the info you post like inappropriate pictures and comments, saying where you are, or phone numbers can be seen by people you don’t know and they could be creeping on you.

Another negative would be the drama. The site has pretty much become a virtual world for people. just like texting, and tweeting, its a place where you can express yourself in the easiest way possible. People are using it to express their emotions towards things going on in the world, their lives, and people. people are showing their anger towards each other leading to fights that become public. Some kids like to bully others on the site t instead of doing it face to face. But these negative reasons not to have a Facebook account I believe is not going to affect it population because even those people saying all this have an account.


I think the biggest impact is it would stumble this thing we call “social media.” It is definitely growing and changing on a regular basis, though sometimes it seems like it isn’t so important. This idea that marketing and basically the world should be a continuous interactive dialogue is very powerful. Though too many people rely on Facebook to do this, in the end it won’t be a company that changes it all. It will be the slow progress of all of us changing our mindsets on how the world should be.

Even Facebook’s biggest foes Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss will become richer, thanks to the 1.2 million shares they own, part of the settlement deal they agreed to after suing Zuckerberg for stealing their idea. Facebook has 845 million users worldwide and still growing.