Who Are Your Heroes?

Who Are Your Heroes?

Since most of us were kids, we were asked who our heroes were. Many still look up to this person and idolize them.

A hero is someone special to you or a person who you believe does the impossible and makes you think you can do it too. 

For most people, they look up to an adult whether it is a parent, an elder family member, a teacher, an athlete, a movie star or a famous person.

Usually, they are your idol because they are older and wiser. They have experience and have insight on how to make it in the future.

Some heroes get very much overlooked because we are looking up and not in front of us.

We are blind to the heroes around us that are doing amazing things, but because they are so close we see their screw-ups and mistakes.

We see them struggle. We see them fall down and fail. 

The comic books and movies don’t show us that really.

The hero always wins! The villain gets defeated and shamed!

We were programmed to overlook the future heroes that are coming up on the horizon.

There are many heroes in my life.

I have a group of three friends who found me at one of the lowest points in my life. 

They could have kept moving, but they saw me. They saw the hurt I was secretly carrying and dove in to save me from the drowning feeling of loneliness.

They stayed around because they saw that I didn’t deserve to be lonely.

The memories I made with them will never fail to make me remember – I am worthy of friends!

My little brother showed me that it’s okay to break down and ask for help.

He taught me that there is no shame in going out to seek help and actually talk to people about what’s bothering me.

He will always amaze me with how dedicated he is to himself that he knows when it is time to take a break and just take the moment to just live a bit.

Every time I think about his attitude on life, how he’s amazing at balancing work and play I don’t feel like a failure whenever I have to take a break.

My little sister showed me that there is nobody more important than the people who are really there for you.

She actually wrote me a letter once about how I was her inspiration. 

She always amazes me with her thinking and rational. 

Every time I think about her letter I know that she will never be deterred by my failures and mistakes, she will stick around to see how I beat the bad guy next time. 

My professors, my classmates, my friends, my past teachers, and staff members all showed me that it’s okay to be me. 

Many feel that pressure and social eye to fit in and be like everyone else.

If you don’t get the grades, you must be dumb.

That’s not it though. 

My media studies professors and past English teachers never deterred me away from writing.

That was something I was always good at. Story writing.

Grammar was and still isn’t my strong suit, but that’s so minor when it comes down to it.

There’s no point in focusing on that if you are on fire with writing this story.

You just break the flow. “Just write! You can always go back and edit whatever you need to later!”

My two closest best friends are both younger than me.

They are both amazing and more times than not they are the ones threatening me behind the scenes to stop doubting myself and get out there.

They both have such amazing skills and abilities that it is impossible to not think they are superhuman.

I’ve watched them accomplished some of the most amazing things in such a small amount of time.

My parents have put up with a lot for me.

They are the ones who never gave up on me when others try to.

They were the ones who showed me that anything is possible if you are dedicated enough.

They supported me no matter what. 

They believed that I could do and be whatever I want to be if I put my mind to it. 

I will not lie. I am jealous of my heroes.

They do amazing things every day and they never fail to amaze me even when I see them fall, struggle or fail.

Their victories are just more amazing knowing the behind the scene bits of what it took to get there.

I like to think that I would be my past self’s hero.

Just looking back and see what I have done and how far I have come, it’s amazing what I’ve accomplished.