Children Are a Blessing

Children Are a Blessing

Tanasia Patterson, Staff Writer

Over the weekend, I got to take part in my best friend’s baby shower. In a few months I will become a godmother to a little boy. He will be here in just a few short weeks. I felt honored that she chose me to be such a big part of his life.  The role of a Godparent is to become the caretaker of the child if something was to ever happen to the parents. I see a godmother as that and so much more. We’re the ones who let them eat junk food and stay up past their bedtime. Godparents are parents except more fun. We let them do things parents wouldn’t while all making sure they are safe. This weekend was my best friend’s baby shower and it was a blast. She’s having a little boy. The colors were blue, white and yellow. Everything was set just right. You could feel the love that was surrounding her and her unborn child. She got at least everything she would need once he came. The place was filled with so much happiness and laughter. They say it takes a village to raise a child and that is true.

Although we have parents, we also have others that look out for us and scold us when we do wrong. Godparents are like aunts and uncles but you aren’t technically related.  Children are a blessing and there are some people who take that for granted. There are people in the world who wish they could have children and they can’t. There are also people in the world who have children and don’t want them. They hurt the child instead of giving them to someone who will give them everything they need.  I am already a godmother to a little girl who is 3 years old and an 11 month year old boy. Their names are Zaniyah and Kyng. Shamir will be my 3rd godchild when he gets here.

I enjoy being a godmother. It’s like having a child but you just didn’t give birth to them.  You’re like their second parent. That’s the type of relationship I want to have with my godchildren. As they get older, I want them to be comfortable enough to speak to me. I also want them to be able to come to me when they have a problem. That’s the type of relationship I have with my godmother. I can talk to her about any and everything. When I need her she’s always there for me. She spoils me rotten. (LOL)

I want my god-kids to experience the same thing with me. I want them to know that there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them. I also want them to know that I will be there for them no matter what.  I love my godchildren very much and I’m happy to call myself their godmother.