Battling Senioritis

Battling Senioritis

I’m pretty sure senioritis began to hit me during my freshman year, however now that I am officially a senior, the “itis” is definitely starting to kick in. Becoming a senior can be the sweetest curse at times. It’s finally time to kiss school goodbye, but now it’s “welcome to the real world,” and time to get a real job. Most of us, if we were smart enough, have taken tons of internships through our school year and are super pumped for entering the real world, while some of us may take the real world as a scary start.

Here are some things that cause senioritis:

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Homework: Whoever invented homework for seniors must not be familiar with senioritis. Homework is hardly ever completed by seniors, or it’s done at the last minute. As seniors, most of us either spend our time outside of school, either working or completing an internship. And although some professors suggest working no more than 25 hours a week during your senior year, not having money just doesn’t seem to add up.

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Group projects: I have yet to complete any group project that I’ve been assigned since my freshman year. I guess the hassle of commuting all the way from the city has always gotten the best of me. Group projects are meant to prepare students for the real world, however with group projects comes slackers, know- it- all’s and no- call no- shows.

Senior activities: Once you’ve become a senior the festivals that interested you about your college freshman year just don’t seem to cut it now. The uproar of homecoming games and events just don’t compare to a dull peaceful night of sleep. The challenge of excitement over anything just seems to be too much during a student’s last year.

Food and sleep: Eating and sleeping tends to be a senior’s favorite thints to do during their final year. Anything that involves sleeping and eating is always a golden plan.

Weekends: When battling senioritis weekends can be sort of shaky. Either your weekends are spent consuming as much alcohol as your body can intake, or your weekends are spent catching up on much needed sleep, your favorite rerun’s or bumming on the couch. Either way, weekends are holy days to a student battling senioritis.

Test and quizzes: Just when you thought there was nothing worse than homework, you walk into a test or quiz. Seniors are quizzed constantly to test and prepare them for work outside of school, however once senioritis has taken its toll, it becomes harder to focus on these things that are preparing you for your future.

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