Project X Review

Project X Review

Project X is a film produced by Green House Films that features three teenagers in high school that you can say aren’t the most popular and decide to throw the most memorable Birthday party of the century.

Birthday Boy Thomas (Thomas Mann) along with friends Costa (Oliver Cooper) and JB (Jonathan Daniel Brown) come up with the idea that since Thomas’s parents are out of town for the weekend, to invite “everyone who’s everyone” at their High School to an epic bash.

Things are going just as insane as planned until a neighbor complains about the noise that the 1,500 plus kids are making.

Eventually things go barbarous and the party of the century turns into the news story of the month.

As a twenty-one year old seeing this film was great. Mainly due to the fact that every kid in High School and or College dreams about having a party such as the film featured. Considering the fact that the party had excessive drinking, as well as some wild popular girls, and finally a crazy midget.

This movie is obviously the type of movie that you can show all your close friends to get a lunatic laugh out of as well as a film to be remembered just because of every kid who plans to throw a feature house party will have future dreams of having a party like this, although without all the ending hiatus.

However, here is the reality of the movie. A movie with such qualities that this film featured is a bit ridiculous. Yes the first person camera view was creative on behalf that they wanted the night remembered, however a party like this would never last more than two hours. If I wanted to create a party like this not including the ending, I could however; I don’t have that type of money to include my entire college.

The movie comes from writer Todd Phillips who was the conductor of The Hangover as well as Old School and is great since both films were such winners considering both films were created six years apart, so you can clearly see where the influence came from.

Even though this movie is unrealistic, it is pretty crazy and frenzied, its definitely going to be one of the memorable comedies that will be talked about for a pretty long time.

I give it 3 star rating only due to the fact that it’s the type of movie that makes you say as a teenager “wow I want to have a party like this.” It also features a whole lot of hysterical one-liners. However the acting in the movie was ok due to the fact that it wasn’t anything you would see out of a superbad type film, and once again the “This would never happen” type of movie.