Mercy Professor Set to Release First Book of Trilogy

With Winter Eternal set to be released to a nationwide audience this May, Professor E. Thomas Joseph joins a long list of published writers connected to Mercy College.

Mercy College has a long history of hosting and/or producing published authors, and come this May, another name will be added to an already long list.

Going by the pen name of E. Thomas Joseph, the Mercy College professor is preparing to release the first of his three books, Winter Eternal: Book I. The River That Flows Two Ways, to a nationwide audience.

Described in his Press Release from Prodigy Golden Books, “Finally, a History Professor has rewritten The Revolutionary War.”

The historical fiction book, which is set in and revolves around Dobbs Ferry, takes an interesting twist on a glorified moment in America’s history: The American Revolution.

“In 1777, Captain Isaac Pearson joined the British Army when he believed the Colonial Rebellion would be dispatched with effortless haste. Taking a few American lives was an agreeable price for the pampered aristocrat who believed his actions in the conflict would afford him honor and glory. Yet, the path Captain Pearson rode was neither honorable or glorious, and the price he would pay was beyond his imaginable fortunes.”

“Time is the enemy of all, the hunter of the hunters whom no measures of tenacity or weaponry can defeat. Yet, in the early days of America’s war for independence Phantom Regiments, ruthless shadow units, British Redcoats, American militia and crazed me of the occult race to acquire a mysterious Iroquoian artifact which offers the capacity to defeat time. Set in New York’s Hudson Valley, the contest for time will marshal tragic desperation and horrific ends. Winter Eternal, uncovered from layers of dust, deep within the archives of America’s Untold History are the tales of the soldiers and the citizens who sell their souls to pursue the mysterious Native talisman, the Kahontsi Ehnita; the Giver of Life… A revolutionary war has begun.”

Joseph reveals his motives for writing this story. “History is a tragic play of immoral characters vying for their own ends; the paths of morality and ethics lead to obscurity. For me, the time has come to travel a different path,” he said in a press release. Later he added, “I’m sure most will see this as fantasy, and maybe even enjoy the terror within the pages. For my part, I will dismiss their entertainment as an act of personal charity.”

The book was a creation of Jospeh’s years ago while in grad school.

 “I began writing the book approximately three years ago. The inspiration was in doing research for my graduate dissertation. I felt some of the history started down interesting paths, yet was disappointed when such paths ended in lackluster fashion.  So, I redrew the map to lead the reader toward intrigue and fantasy.”

Looking ahead, E. Thomas Joseph already has his plans mapped out for the future regarding his writing career:

“Book II will be available mid-fall 2018 and Book III in early 2019. The first draft of Book II, Souls for Sale, is nearly complete, and Book III is outlined.”

When asking Joseph if he has any tips for aspiring writers, he gave a bold and humorous answer. “Yes, odds are you are not very good, and you would be wise to consider doing something else.”