Shakira’s Breakup turns into a Diss Track

Shakira’s Breakup turns into a Diss Track

Shakira is a well-known artist in the Latin music culture and worldwide. Her music has reached many people but so has her love life as well. Shakira has released a diss song to her ex-boyfriend Gerard Pique, a well-known soccer player who cheated on her with Clara Chia, a 23-year-old model who has reached a lot of backsplashes for interrupting this eleven-year relationship.

Shakira’s diss song, Bizarap’s Music Session #53, calls out her ex-boyfriend Gerard Pique, Clara Chia and even her mother-in-law, Montserrat Bernabeu, with direct verses to them.

The most famous verse that has her fans going crazy “Yo solo hago musica, Perdon que te sal-Pique” translates into (I only make music, sorry if it splashes you.) This is a direct verse to Pique while using his name in the verse.

“Tiene nombre de persona buena, Claramente no es como suena” Translates into (She has the name of a good person; it’s clearly not what it sounds like) The 23-year-old model’s name translates into the word clear in english, Shakira points out that it is “clearly not how is sounds like”

And of course, how could she forget about her mother-in-law? Montserrat Bernabeu was also called out in the diss track. “Me dejaste de vecina la suegra” Translates into (You left my mother-in-law as my neighbor.) There has been some history between Shakira and Pique’s mother in the past that almost everyone knows about their not-so-friendly relationship. She wants to let everyone know that she is not happy to have her mother-in-law as her neighbor, which is a direct quote to Montseratt.

After releasing the song, Shakira hung a five feet witch over her balcony that landed right over her mother-in-law’s house. Many say that this was childish on her part and does not reflect how she portrays herself since she calls herself a “She-wolf,” a song that she released in 2009. Others say that Shakira might be doing witchcraft and wants her mother-in-law to move out. From any point of view, either if it’s just out of spite or witchcraft it’s clear to say that Shakira doesn’t like her mother-in-law.

Many people are questioning her behavior over her breakup, but others resonate with Shakira because she feels very heartbroken since her ex-boyfriend left her for a much younger person who is currently 22 years younger than her. On the other hand, Pique is brushing the direct comments off him. Shakira compared herself to a Rolex and called Clara Chia a Casio in the diss track. “Cambiaste un Rolex por un Casio” Calling herself a Rolex but the brand Casio was very offended.

After the song was released, the brand Casio was quick to notice that their brand was being used negatively but they went directly onto Twitter and Shakira ended up basically getting roasted. Casio Tweeted “Shakira we may not be a Rolex, but clearly, our customers are loyal to us” then tweeted again “In defense of our Casio watches, the battery last longer than Pique and Shakira’s relationship.”

Both tweets have over 22 million views and over 500 thousand likes. Not only did Casio tweet, but Casio sent over a multiple of their watches to Gerard Pique while doing his live weekly podcast. Pique started to hand them out while being live and repeated over and over that there is nothing wrong with wearing a Casio watch while flashing it on the camera.

This is not the only brand that got dissed in the track Shakira said “Yo valgo por dos de 22, Cambiaste un Ferrari por un Twingo; which translates into (I’m worth two 22-year-olds, you traded a Ferrari for a Twingo) Shakira basically call out Clara Chia small and immature while saying that Pique had downgraded from what he had. Shakira also used the Twingo car brand in a negative way and Twingo did not like that at all.

Pique was seen driving a Twingo just days after the song was released. The media still doesn’t know if he had spoken to the brand Twingo and agreed on driving their car, or if he just did this on his own to annoy Shakira. It seems like Pique and Shakira have been going back and forth but only with actions. These actions might make one believe that they still have a chapter to close since they have been acting a bit foolish this month.

This song gave fame and hate, and it clearly said who she does not like. Shakira’s diss track has topped Spotify 50 Top Global chart. After all, the song was a success and she was able to say everything on her mind and she has definitely cashed some checks after this song.


After all, “Las mujeres ya no lloran las mujeres facturan” (Women don’t cry anymore, they cash in) Shakira makes a call out to women to not cry over men in her diss track and to make money instead.