Three Books That Have Changed My Life!

Three Books That Have Changed My Life!

Kimberly Franco, Staff Writer

Reading can allow you to view the world in a whole new light. Over the years I have read books that have impacted my life dramatically and have helped me improve my writing and thinking. Three books that have affected my life are ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne, ‘Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success’ by Napoleon Hill and ‘The 48 Laws Of Power’ by Robert Greene. These books have changed my life for the better. Reading and writing go hand and hand. I have improved on my affective thinking, my writing and motivation in myself because of these books and many others.

The book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne changed my life in many ways. It introduced me to the law of attraction, which has affected me in a positive way. This is a universal law that states what a person focuses on, the person will attract into their life. It allows a person to take full responsibility for the mind and the thoughts they think. Before this book, it had never occurred to me that if you think negatively, you will see more negative things. Also, it had never occurred to me that I have full control of my life, that I can choose how I feel and how I react and most importantly what I think moment to moment. This has allowed me to think more affectively and force me to strive after what I want. It also caused a change reaction for me to learn more on my free time. It made me want to read more books that could impact me like ‘The Secret’ had.

Another book that has affected my life is ‘Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success’ by Napoleon Hill. This book made me view God and the devil in a complete new way. Before, I believed God was much like a person uncontrollable, impulsive and contradicting. In this book, Hill interviews the devil and gives the devil a different perspective. The interview allows a person to see the devil more like negative thinking and energy. When the devil is seen this way, it can make a person feel more in control of their own life. For example, it allowed me to see that negative energy and positive energy is in my control. I can be in a negative situation but look at things positively and vice versa. This changed my opinion on god and the devil and allowed me to have more self-motivation and power. Reading more also impacted my writing in a positive way.

Moreover, the book ‘The 48 Laws Of Power’ by Robert Greene also affected my life tremendously. Greene affectively states 48 different ways to gain power in life and society. He uses well-known people from history and their true-life story as examples for how to gain power. One of my favorite stories in that book is of Michelangelo the famous sculpture of The David. Law numbers 9: Win through your actions, never through arguments. According to Greene when Michelangelo was done with the sculpture of David he had to get it approved by an engineer. However, the engineer told Michelangelo that the nose on his sculpture that he had been commissioned to do of a young David with sling in hand was too big, he did not argue that the nose was just right, Michelangelo merely took the mayor onto the scaffolding and gave the appearance of changing the nose. Sorderini, the engineer then was pleased and no one was offended. This stuck with me. I could now see, sometimes it is more important to let someone think they are right because they have the power but you can simply make them believe that you are doing as told and do what you want anyway. That knowledge has helped me out with many employers and people of power.

Each of these books changed my life, so much and I am grateful that I got a chance to read them. Reading these books made me have different perspectives on life. These books also helped out my spelling and reading because they used a lot of unfamiliar words to me. These books allowed me to gain control and power. They changed my way of thinking and how I saw the world. I would recommend any one of these books to read or all three of these books.