“Flight” stays true to its name

With riveting reviews, the film is just as accelerating as the plane the protagonist flies. Main character “Whip” starring academy award winner Denzel Washington is a pilot who lives in the moment. Due to a heavy drinking problem, he becomes involved with cocaine, alcohol, and a co-worker the night before a flight. During the flight he also consumes two personal bottles of vodka as he continues to fly the plane. With a frantic co-pilot, the plane began to descend at a fast pace. Under quick and tipsy-friendly advice and instruction he manages to aid in landing the plane roughly beyond a church. Escaping with just a fractured eye and leg, Whip is acknowledged among his peers and news channels for his aviator skill and immediate action in landing safely. Unfortunately some passengers were not as lucky and investigations lead to suspicions about Whip’s drinking. After the death of his significant lady co-worker, he pursues a female patient he meets at the hospital he was admitted. After his discharge, he seeks her out and arrives in time to save her from eviction by inviting her to stay with him. His drinking problem gets out of hand one night and she flees before he awakes the next morning, leaving a note in her absence. To avoid prison from toxicology and manslaughter charges, legal adviser Hugh Lang (Don Cheadle) and longtime friend and colleague Charlie Anderson (Bruce Greenwood) aid Whip in dismissing the report and facilitating his drinking. He fails at his feeble attempts of not drinking, including dumping his alcohol and attending an AA meeting. His son and ex-wife frown upon Whip for his alcoholism and resolute a very distant relationship with him. On the day of the trial, Whip decides to tell the truth to the court about his intoxication the day of the plane incident. His confession sends him to prison. Feeling free from a heavy burden, he recites his story to those incarcerated with him in hopes that they too will learn true justice and liberty through honesty. Although rated R, the film experiences little violence and includes comedic commentary with characters such as the tobacco smoking hospital patient and Whip’s druggy friend, Harling Mays (John Goodman). It is a movie worth watching more than once for its amazing stunts, fast paced action, and uplifting message.