Social Status

063I am one of the many who believe that our culture is of the middle class and built on the core values of meritocracy. My opinion is that this conflicts with those whom are upper class and believe that they can dominate with their money. Since meritocracy is based on those who display intelligence, where do those who do not but harbor a surplus of wealth stand? Are they not appointed governmental positions or placed in a higher authority? I believe that both wit and wealth will get you in the place you would like to be but having both will get you there much quicker and you’d be more successful in doing so. Everyday people strive to become smarter and wealthier because they believe it will lead them to a happier life and a better position in which they are currently in. Proponents of Social Darwinism argue that the theory justifies social inequality as being meritocratic. Social inequality plays a big role in America and it sets these heirs and heiresses as outcasts. I consider them outcasts because people treat them differently because they’re rich. Ivanka Trump said, “I’ve always treasured sincerity because I never got it when I was younger.” It’s not fair that those who are rich are treated any different than those who aren’t if they don’t boast about their wealth.  This is what ultimately makes them outcasts.

I do believe that social classes would rather associate themselves with their own class but I also believe that it’s a matter of choice. Great wealth going back for many generations usually lives in isolation from society.  I think middle class always strives to attain the upper class circle and it’s hard for them to get there. They are almost forced to stay within their circle until they reach it. The upper class grew up being around their own and became so used to it that they can do as they please but choose not to.

Students in college usually don’t have much money. Most of their finances go towards housing, books, school merchandise, transportation, off campus food, and drugs and alcohol. Some have work study jobs or employment elsewhere but is just enough. Those who attend college and are in the upper class usually are refined to single rooms and seclude themselves inside them or travel back and forth using their car. If they are social, money is spent on partying and lavish clothing, making impressions on others. It is the low class who have a hard time getting by. Ironically, it is this level of students who excel the most in school in hopes of one day seeing the “other side of life” from their academic success. Only time will tell for money talks.