It’s a Love-Hate type of relationship

Its a Love-Hate type of relationship

Many people can go for hours talking about how much they love or hate Mercy College but there are, just like any school, good and bad aspects to this place. Here is short list of things that I hate but love about Mercy College.

Mercy College’s library may not be highly known as the go-to spot to go get homework done. The library is more of a hangout spot during any time of the day.

This gives me a bipolar type of feeling. I am happy that it is not strictly a study area because then there would be nowhere to fit everyone that socializes in the library. The library isn’t known to be a “real library”. It is more like a home for people who don’t want to go to their room or back home. There are always times to go and not go to the library.

It is always loud and crowded. You can’t ever find a chair to sit on or a table to do your work on during the day but once it hits 6:15, the library is as empty as you will ever see it and that’s when I start to do my work.

I feel like the quiet zone is like another dimension because it is SO quiet up there and hot and usually crowded during the day. If you breathe too hard in the quiet zone people will tell you to be quiet. I hate going up there personally unless I have an assignment due that day and I need to get it done.

The one thing that I LOVE about the library is the view of the Hudson. Mercy is in a very convenient location, 40 minutes from the city with an amazing view of a beautiful river. The view in the library when the sun is setting is breathtaking; the addition of our brand new turf just puts more beauty to the view.

As much as I may say that I hate Mercy College and I can go on for days about the negative aspects of this school and how un-organized it is, how much money it wastes on pointless things, and how it takes forever for something to improve, I wouldn’t leave this school ever (well I’m kind of stuck here and it’s too late for me to transfer but I do love this school).

Another aspect of this school that I enjoy having, that not many schools have, is the tunnel. If you dorm here or ever walk outside and see the strip of windows from the athletics building to the dorms, then you know what the tunnel is.

The tunnel is the most convenient thing that someone can ask for when it is snowing, raining or nasty weather outside. It brings the residents from the dorms to the athletics building in Main Hall without exiting the building. This was very smart for Mercy to do because the hill that you have to walk down in order to get to Main Hall in a shorter amount of time is very deadly! (I’ve fell down that hill about 3 times in one semester…) The tunnel can get very scary and creepy to walk alone at night time because it is curved and you can see what is in front or behind you but I don’t feel the same way everyone does.

These aren’t the only things that are beautiful about Mercy that I can think of but the point of this was to let you think of things you take for granted in a school that you “hate” or a school that is “annoying”. Overall, Mercy may not be the school that is the most fun or the best school but it is a lovely place to be… sometimes!