Disabled or Not


For a very long time now people with disabilities have been criticized over and over just because their disabled. All this has been going on until July 26,1990.

What happened that day was the birth to what is known as the Americans with disabilities act passed by president George H.W Bush. That act have buildings become accessible for disabled people. That means that buildings and other public places should have a ramp for wheelchair users, elevators and open hallways for them to get by. To this day a lot of places don’t have that kind of accessibility or any at all.

All disabled people including myself want to be treated and respected like a “normal” human being. Every year on July 26, there is a parade in Manhattan celebrating the ADA. I was very honored to participate myself a few years ago. It wasn’t till a few years ago I learned about this parade. I learned of it from my high school and that same year I participated in it. It’s called the Disability Pride parade they do it all over but New York is the one that I did. Each disability has is own month and day for awareness but one month where they all come together and celebrate the ADA and that month is July.

Not just physical disabilities were criticized but even mental disabilities were too. Physical disabilities include MPS (which is mine), muscular dystrophy, and muscular atrophy. Mental disabilities include Dementia, ADHD, and Tourette’s syndrome. These disabilities might be different but we are all effected the same by words or phrases used to discriminate and criticize us.

Never take a disabled person for granted because the second you do you will be in a whole lot of trouble because disabled people treat each like family no matter who or where they come from. If you think disabled adults are bad to mess with don’t pick on disabled children because you will hear from their parents.

Even celebrities have disabilities for example Peter Dinklage who acts in Game of Thrones on HBO or Michael J Fox who you might know as Marty McFly in the back to the future trilogy he has Parkinson’s decease. A lot of the people that people look up to have disabilities.

It’s not okay to bully people just because they are different. We need to look past the disability and just look at the people.

What I’m trying to say is don’t judge a book by it’s cover. If someone wants to judge someone else based on their appearances and not their character then they are lost because it’s what’s on the inside that counts. People are supposed to be in the right mindset when it comes to that.

Disabled people are people too they just have a special thing inside that makes them disabled. Anyone that picks on someone with a disability should think twice before they do it because what if it was them or one of their family members.

Something called the Paralympics is the Olympic Games for disabled people exist because of this. The Paralympics have all kind of sports they just make it adaptive so anyone who is disabled can participate. Even amputees participate in the Paralympics. The Paralympics are just like the regular Olympics meaning they can be anywhere. The one this year next summer is going to be in Tokyo ranging from August 24,2021 to September 5th. Since the Paralympics aren’t televised people have to watch it through live streams.

The high school I went to I was on an adaptive wheelchair basketball team. The school I went was a school for disabled people. That school is named the Henry Viscardi School and it is out in Long Island, New York. That school is where disabled people can go and just learn without being picked on.

There is also this camp I went to located in the Hampton’s just further south from the school. It’s called the Southampton Fresh Air Home. It’s a camp where disabled children can go and have fun without the bullying. That camp ranges from the age of 8 to 18 sometimes 19.

Even some apartment buildings have accessibility for the disabled. Even the one I am living in.