Fairy Jobmother Disappointing

By Ashley Neff

Impact Staff

With thousands of people living off of unemployment, and scrounging for money, one would assume a television show designed to help the unemployed find jobs would be a successful one.

Indeed it is not.

Instead, with somewhat helpful hints and a few connections, Lifetime’s “The Fairy Jobmother,” Hayley Taylor, is unfortunately giving the unemployed more to worry about. Dubbed as an international career specialist, Taylor visits the homes of unemployed men and women in desperate search of employment.

Offering her professional advice about resumes, interview techniques and attire, Taylor is on the path to leading these individuals to a career. However, unlike her British counterpart, Supernanny’s Jo Frost, this advice-giver is leaving the homes of these people without a happy ending.

Almost every episode takes approximately 20 minutes to get to the root of the problem, and does not offer any advice until 25 minutes in. Taylor is losing her audience’s attention in the first 10 minutes. To top it off, every episode ends with the potential employed person, jobless. The follow-up text scrolling the screen at the end of the show informs the audience that yet another person will still be relying on their unemployment check that month.

So much for the hype of the “fairy jobmother.” Sounds more like a “fairy jobfailure.”

This program goes to show that the economy is still hurting, and even with the help of someone with connections and an obvious knack for interview techniques, people will still be on the hunt for a job.

Saturday nights at 11 just may be better spent with a cup of coffee and a Morgan Freeman movie. The least you can do is pray that Freeman is in fact God, and can somehow magically get you on a career path. It may get you further than relying on this ” fairy jobmother.”