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It Only Takes One Decision To Make A Change

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May 15, 2015

“If you think you are too small to make an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito,” a quote by Anita Reddick, and a statement that has not only changed my life, but my outlook on so many things. One...

Mercy Community Celebrates Hall’s Inauguration

Mercy Community Celebrates Hall's Inauguration
April 21, 2015

Mercy College President Timothy Hall was officially inaugurated as the twelfth President of Mercy College on April 17 in Dobbs Ferry. The inauguration not only marks the formal commencement of Hall’s...

Wellness Program Offers Healthy Diet Alternatives To College Diet

Wellness Program Offers Healthy Diet Alternatives To College Diet
March 15, 2015

The Wellness Program at Mercy College hosted an event this month to promote healthy eating and the effects that it can have on a person. The mission of Wellness Programs at Mercy College is to create...

But I Am Not A Lesbian!

But I Am Not A Lesbian!
February 25, 2015

My entire life, I never looked like the typical little girl. You all know that I am really short, I already explained that. I have never looked like the pretty blonde Barbie girl. I have wanted to, and...

10 Signs Your Roommate is Crazy

10 Signs Your Roommate is Crazy
February 25, 2015

Almost everyone has heard a crazy roommate experience. It is awful really. Here is my interpretation of a crazy roommate. When your roommate is messy. There is nothing worse than having a roommate...

Plot Twist: Short Girls Rule The World!

Plot Twist: Short Girls Rule The World!
February 16, 2015

Many people think that being short is such a disadvantage. I get made fun of all the time for being short and not being able to do certain things because of my height. Have you ever stopped to wonder all...

PACT Making An Impact On Mercy Students

February 12, 2015

Matthew Lento is one of those graduates who feels that PACT is an organization that he would not have been able to live without while at Mercy College. A graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology, he has...

Let’s Put An End To Sexism

Let's Put An End To Sexism
February 9, 2015

Today I read a tweet that said, “I really hate when girls think they know about football, that shit pisses me off.” Why? Why is it that a woman can’t comment about a football game? Why can't a woman...

SGA Seeks Students To Run For Elections

February 7, 2015

The Student Government Association of Mercy College is working very hard this semester to accommodate student’s needs this year, and is excited to announce that elections will be held for the 2015-2016...

The Importance of Being Involved

The Importance of Being Involved
February 5, 2015

My entire life has been based around being apart of a sport. My parents where the type of parents who had their kid involved in everything. My mom had put me in dance classes when I was three years old....

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