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A Look Back At The “Merrie Land” The Good, The Bad & The Queen Brought To Us

A Look Back At The
April 30, 2020

We gather here today to mourn the loss of Tony Allen. As legendary producer Brian Eno once put it, Tony is one of the greatest musicians of the last century. Tony Allen is a brilliant drummer whose style...

Ana Frango Elétrico Has a Little Bit of Heart to Share

Ana Frango Elétrico Has a Little Bit of Heart to Share
April 19, 2020

Ana Frango Elétrico is an amazing young talent. Having just released her second album, "Little Electric Chicken Heart," she is slowly but surely making her way into being one of the most talked-about...

What’s Frank Ocean Up To?

What's Frank Ocean Up To?
April 12, 2020

What's Frank Ocean up to right now? Is he planning something? Well, as always, nobody knows for sure. Frank Ocean, if you don't know, is an R&B singer who started off as a member of the alternative...


April 5, 2020

This is iZ. iZ has a new EP out; her debut EP. Entitled "iS this iT," it is a sprawling journey through trippy, piano-driven sound, ethereal noises, and soothing vocals (both spoken and sung). Featuring...

Childish Gambino Dropped A New Album “3.15.20” – Here’s The Scoop

Childish Gambino Dropped A New Album
March 23, 2020

Donald Glover is in a very unique position. Starting off as a stand-up comedian and a writer for the TV show "30 Rock," he eventually became a hit comedic actor in his own right on the cult classic...

Jay Electronica’s Long Awaited Debut Album is a Tragic Misstep

Jay Electronica's Long Awaited Debut Album is a Tragic Misstep
March 15, 2020
Musicians aren't gods. Sometimes even our favorite names can make something subpar.

THE SCENE: Sofia St Jean

THE SCENE: Sofia St Jean
March 1, 2020

Sofia St Jean is a force to behold. Coming straight out of Maryland, Sofia's talent as a musician sees her take on many roles, but her two main attributes are her guitar playing and her voice. Taking...

Skinny Pelembe is a New Artist to Watch

Skinny Pelembe is a New Artist to Watch
February 29, 2020

Skinny Pelembe is possibly the best new artist right now. With a sound that combines elements of post-punk, indie rock, afrobeat, dance, trip-hop, hip hop, dub reggae, and electronica, it makes an exciting...

King Krule’s “Man Alive!” Perfectly Summarizes Heartbreak

Man Alive?
February 21, 2020

Writing an album about heartbreak is a hard thing to do. It can often sound in-genuine and bitter. Writing a whole work about the wrong another person has done to you is an intrusion. These albums can...

Tame Impala’s “The Slow Rush” Stays True to Its Title

Tame Impala's
February 14, 2020

Tame Impala has always been a tricky thing for me. Sometimes I'll absolutely fall into their soundscapes, and there are other times where I find Kevin Parker's voice grating to my ears. I'll be the first...

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