Is Voting Important?

Is Voting Important?

We live in of country democracy and freedom. A system of government in which power is vested in the people, who rule either directly or through freely elected representatives. In the day’s we are living now; many of us don’t feel as we are living in a democracy country.why-study-history-2c3t0vv All due to things that are happening in U.S and at time’s around the world. So mush things has happen, such as the Oregon high school shooting, what happen in Baltimore, Police shooting, and much more.

As the U.S is getting ready for the 2016 presidential primaries; where candidates from both parties are fighting for votes to win. We as Americans determine who to vote for?…Looking at both parties of Republicans and Democrats and the number of candidate who is running for President; it’s hard to make a decision on who to vote for and trust. As we look at the number of candidate from the Republican party we wonder who is going to be the Republican nominee or who is able to win.

As we look at the issues that the U.S. is facing now in Gun Control, the Economy, Immigration, Education, Taxes, Health Care, Climate Change, Foreign Policy, and Environment. Theses issues are important to us as American people. When we look back at the 2008 presidential race which had made history for the Democrat party. In which an african american man Barack Obama and a women Hillary Clinton went agents each other face to face for the race to the white house. In 2008, Barack Obama win the Democratic nomination, than went off to win in the general election and became President of the United States. This made history for the U.S. because many did not think that there woulvote-KQED-20131104d ever be an african american President.We needed a change in America, a new face, and a new history where we can look back to and say, “I was a part of that change.”

When President Barack Obama selected Hillary Clinton Secretary of State, it’s was kind of expected because Hillary Clinton was really a person that has most experience. In fact she was already in the white house as the first lady due to the fact that her husband was the President at one time. Now the U.S. is going to get ready to vote for President and this time Hillary Clinton is running. She has a good chance in wining the election, but like always there will always be a competitor no matter what. This is a time where we as American people got another chance to make history once again in electing the first female President.

When we come to look at it vote in a point is important because we choice who to vote and not only that; we as American people have a chance in making history. Some say the American people vote’s don’t count. It dose count because when we look into our local elections we are the one’s that has the power to elect who we want to lead and the ones who want to take out. When we look forward on elections to come, we as American people have power. Just like that movement that ’s going of “Dose Black Live’s Matter.” That’s a movement that has the power to make a change in the U.S. If we don’t do anything to bring change, nothing will get done to better United States of America.

So we must vote to bring change.