Killa On The Come Up

For the last year or so one of the kids I’ve been hanging out with and have the most respect for out of anyone I really know is LJ Harris or as most people know him as L-Killa. He got his nickname because despite his smaller then average stature he is one of the toughest kids you’ll ever meet and was known for whenever in a fight to be able to knock anyone out with one hit.

He moved here form Yonkers a few years ago coming into high school with his two brothers and by  lunch everyone was talking about them.  Unfortunately LJ’s mother passed away about a year ago and LJ’s brother became the man of the house hustling, selling what he could to make a few dollars while still working a few real jobs to support the family.  Soon after, his brother got locked up and it was left up to him to live in the house his mother left and take care of himself and sister.

LJ also suffers from diabetes and recently got very sick and had to be hospitalized for a few weeks but pulled through with flying colors.

With hardly any of his family to support  him, he still makes life look easy.  Without a car still finds his way to work everyday and made a home for his family.  While still having a calm and humble demeanor he walks around with a smile on his face and his head held high despite the responsibilities bestowed upon him at such an early age. He lives while having the utmost respect for himself not taking any disrespect from anyone and showing them were he came from when his pride is in question.

LJ also has dreams of becoming a raper and has some substantial talent to back himself up. he’s had a couple gigs but nothing to big but with his work ethic and talent he’s the kind of person you look at and can tell is going places no matter what. recently he has been pursuing his dreams even further giving a name to his group an booked a concert at riches pub in Putnam valley, new york this Saturday. L-killa accompanied by his entourage better known as “team faded” will be intoducing the world into a new error of hip hop at 9pm march 3rd.

L-killa makes songs by rapping about the things he knows, goes through everyday and everything he enjoys in life. He keeps it real, you could say.

So if your sick of all these rappers talking about all the money they have and the groupies that throw themselves at them check him out live or on YouTube and listen to music anyone could speak to. If you like any kind of hip hop or rap you enjoy any of L-Killas singles.