It went from #ImWithHer to #ImStillWithHer


From the Presidential Debates to the Elections, Hillary Clinton had my vote. It could have been because I am a Democrat or because America should have their first female president.

Every time there was a debate going on, Hillary supporters used, #ImWithHer via social media. She also had many celebrities supporting her. She had actors, actresses, politicians, and even YouTubers, who urged their viewers the need to vote, to register, and even told the world who they were voting for. They all stressed that this Nov. 8 is an important day, and if you want someone with experience, vote for Hillary. Even people who were not born in America, expressed the need to vote because it will not only affect Americans, but those who do not live in America.

I’ve always wondered what it would be like if the United States of America was ran by a female president; however, I will not get to know that since her opponent is currently President-Elect (who’s name I will not mention).

Yes, most of the debates she did bring up what her opponent was accused of, and he also brought up that the FBI were looking into her personal emails. In my opinion, the debates sounded like two children fighting over a toy and their parents (the debate proctors) could not calm them down.

According to Time’s Complete List – Top Female Leaders Around the World, there are only five female’s worldwide who are presidents. If Hillary had won, she would have been added to that list and become the sixth female president.

Did America want to fall into the stereotype of not wanting a female president? Or did it not believe that a female is fit to run this country? Or did the citizens of America fall into believing what the President-Elect will come true?

Yes, she too has flaws like the President-Elect; however, everyone has them. No one is perfect, but would you want a president who says a lot of nasty things about females in the White House and then turns his back and says he never said those things even though its out for the public to see and hear it?

On the first presidential debate, Hillary and I bonded through her words. She said, “I have a different experience. My father was a small-businessman. He worked really hard. He printed drapery fabrics on long tables, where he pulled out those fabrics and he went down with a silkscreen and dumped the paint in and took the squeegee and kept going.” Her father and my father, who currently does exactly what she described her father doing, made me resonate with her. From the moment she said that, I knew from then she had my vote.

On November 8, I participated in my first Presidential Election and I voted for Hillary Clinton. Did I expect her to win? Of course I did. Just like any Clinton supporter, I wanted her to become the first female president.

However, while watching several different channels on election night and seeing the Electoral Colleges votes increase and then stayed the same for a while then increasing again, it was a pattern. I did have much hope that she was going to win. The current President-Elect votes had surpassed her to the point that I continued to not lose hope. As the President-Elect’s Electoral College votes continued to go pass Hillary’s I knew that she did not win. All the hope that I had hoping that she would have won, was gone.


I was so distraught that I could not bare giving him the satisfaction he wanted. I went to bed heartbroken and with tears filled in my eyes because America chose an imbecile to be President of the United States of America. There was a trend on social media that I personally stand by which says, #NotMyPresident. Which just simply means that people like myself, did not want the current President-Elect to become the 45th President.

The following day, I was still a mess. I woke up (just like any other day); the same. However, even though it felt like a normal day, it was a different day. I woke up feeling the same as I did a few hours ago. Heartbroken. November 9 is the day when Hillary had to give her Concession Speech aka the speech I was dreading to watch.

As I was trying to leave my house for school, unexpectedly Hillary’s speech comes on TV. Once she came out and started talking I could hear that parts in her voice where she did want to start crying. However, that is when I lost it and I started to cry. I told myself, “since she does not want to cry on National TV, I will cry for her.” I knew I had to toughen it up because I was a few footsteps out of my house and had to watch this on the bus ride to the subway. It was tough watching this woman (who in my opinion, should be president), tell the world that she did not win and people had to accept it. It was discouraging also because it once again showed that people of America will not accept that females are also as good as males when running for presidency. It shows that Americans also do not want to move forward but they rather go back in time. It was disheartening to watch.

The aftermath of the election, there have been protesters protesting everyday in New York City and many cities around the country. There are people who are still supporting her by using the hashtag #ImStillWithHer. I am one of those people who will continue her supporting her. Do I think she deserved the White House? Of course I do. Do I think the current President-Elect is under qualified for this position, yes I do. Does it still hurt to knowing that she will not step into the White House again? Of course. I do hope that America becomes a better place with the new President-Elect.