Do What You Can’t


Britney Hoobraj, Staff Writer

If anyone watched the 2017 Oscars, the first commercial spot features YouTuber, Casey Neistat who has partnered with Samsung to give a “ceremonial speech” to those creators, like himself, who are not actors or actresses.

You can watch the advertisement/commercial here: Samsung Galaxy: The Rest of Us.

Casey says, “We’re the makers, directors, and the creators of this generation, we don’t have big award shows, huge budgets, or fancy cameras but what we do have are our phones” and he takes out his Samsung Galaxy S7. He continues to say, “It’s not the size of the production that matters, it’s what you make.”

For those like myself who are still shy to be in front of a camera still find inspiration in this guy. Yeah, he stopped daily vlogging does not mean that I am going to stop watching his videos whenever he posts one. (Update: he started vlogging again so his viewers can see how his company, Beme is growing. Beme has been bought by CNN; however, they do not have control over his channel.) Currently, his YouTube channel, has 6.7 million subscribers and 1.5 billion views. He’s no PewDiePie (meaning that Casey is not the most subscribed person) but Casey’s videos show that he knows what he is doing. He has a thought process of what he should be vlogging and how to edit.

The overall commercial is to show that one person, like Casey Neistat or even a normal human being who is not famous does everything by him or herself. There are not more than one person (himself) that is involved with the editing and thought process. It shows how when filming for a movie, there is more than one person involved; however, in this commercial, there is just one of person doing all of those people that are a part of a movie. Samsung targets people that are in the younger generations who want the new cell phone. Samsung along with other phone companies want people to continue purchasing their products. In this commercial, everything is fast paced. It kind of shows how this generation is fast pace and also wants the latest device. It shows different occupations: starting with Casey who is a YouTuber to others that use their phones and the Samsung’s 360 camera.

In this specific Samsung advertisement, the company is targeting those like myself who are into the features that their products have. It does not matter whether it is their latest smart phone, the Samsung 360 cam, and/or the VR device. Samsung’s overall idea is to have people purchase their products. What better way to do it with one of YouTube’s biggest influences, Casey Neistat.

Many people like myself are told to not do this or that because it’ll have consequences. Or that it can hurt someone else in the process. Casey along with many others are like, “F**k that. I’m going to do the opposite.” In Casey’s own “Do What You Can’t” video, he shows people and things that he has accomplished in life. He shows flashbacks to when he was “Santa” flying on a human drone. Or that time when he snowboarded through Manhattan when New York City got hit by a huge winter storm a few years ago. Or even when he got his own HBO show with his brother. He even shows his viewers that one person who told him he won’t be going anywhere in life: his high school teacher.

Me personally, I believe that if we don’t make mistakes, how are we supposed to learn? I could probably count on my fingers of how many people who do not want me to do something because of their beliefs. I believe that if I don’t make mistakes now, I may make them in the future but it may affect me. I usually like to prove people wrong and do the opposite. It may or may not have positive or negative consequences but in the future, now I know that I should or should not do that.

However, I do not want people doing things that can or could land them in jail. But do the unexpected because in the future you may not be able to do so. Go sky diving, bungee jumping, do something you’re told not too.