Rewatching White Collar for Another Time


Neal Caffery, Peter and Elizabeth Burke, June Ellington, Mozzie, Diana, and Jones make up what the show, White Collar is. White Collar is about a con man, Neal Caffery (who is played by Matt Bomer), works for the FBI under Peter Burke’s custody.

I never watched the show from the beginning on the USA Network. I only got into watching the show because it came onto my ‘Top Picks’ on Netflix and plus, I needed a new show to watch. I started watching the first episode and I became intrigued with this con man trying to get out of jail to go find his lover. With the help of Peter and the FBI, they were able to get Neal out of jail and continue his sentence by helping the FBI. In order for the FBI to “trust” Neal, they put him on an monitored anklet so they could track him within a two-mile radius. I remember watching the first episode where Peter finds this run down motel for Neal to stay in since it was in his “two mile radius.” Neal then walks into a thrift shop and happens to run into June, who was once married to a con man and owns a spectacular home. Instead of living in the run down motel, June allows Neal to live with her. Peter then sees where he is living and was flabbergasted with the view.

As the show goes on, Peter continues to stick up for Neal every time something goes wrong. Neal on the other hand, always had something up his sleeve. Weather it was with Mozzie or even Alex, Neal always wanted to pull his biggest con ever. Personally, I believe that his biggest con was stealing all of the art what was in the U-boat. The U-boat contained historical paintings and artifacts.

One thing that I adored while watching this show is the wine talk amongst Neal and Mozzie. They always sat down together and shared a bottle while speaking about what con should be done next. If there were any changes, they also spoke about the con that needed a bit of tweaking.

The relationship between Neal and Mozzie showed that there are trustworthy people out in the world. Mozzie grew up being a con man himself in Detroit. He was taught to be above ones that used to bully him. How Mozzie and Neal first met, Mozzie was playing a card game in the corner of the street and Neal betted a lot of money; however, he conned Mozzie. That is when Mozzie and him would be good friends. Mozzie has always had Neal’s back and Neal has always had Mozzie’s back too. Their friendship was tested when Mozzie was shot because Neal, Peter, and Mozzie were close to solving what the music meant in the music box. All Neal wanted to do was to catch the person that shot Mozzie. However, Peter did too through the FBI’s regulations. Neal just wanted to do the opposite.

Neal’s relationship with Peter Burke aka the guy that caught him twice, is also trustworthy. Throughout the show, Neal has a hard time trusting people because of what happened to Kate. Kate was the girl that he wanted to be with. However, she did not survive. Peter along with Neal knew that it was an inside job that got her killed and that brought their bond together since they both, along with Diana and Jones, brought down the person that caused her death. (You’ll just have to watch and find out who did it.) In show, Peter always took the blame for Neal’s mistakes. Neal at some point in the show actually tells Peter that he trusts him. Peter eventually does name his child after Neal.

Why would I rewatch this show over and over again? This show is literally on TV every time I turn it on (I mean I rarely watch TV now but when I do turn it on, White Collar is usually on.) Let’s face it, the lead actor, Matt Bomer is smoking hot. The plot is not a great one, but have you seen Matt Bomer?! Like hello!!!  (Full blown, fangirl moment here.) A fan like myself, could listen to Matt speak all day. What continues to drag me into watching the show over and over again is the relationship between Neal’s two “best friends.”

When I eventually found out that they were ending the show, my friend (who I got into watching the show), could not put ourselves through watching the last season. My friend still has not seen the last few episodes of the show because she can’t handle seeing her favorite character leaving the show. The first time I saw the last few episodes I could not help but feel a bit sad because one of favorite shows was going to end. I had to think about what else to watch.

But why watch another show when you can rewatch your favorite show, White Collar?