Sadly, I Remember 21


2020 was a shit show. If we’re being honest, 2021 hasn’t been pretty great. Not to make this about me, but I, it was especially rough for people reaching milestones. I turned 21 in 2020, and trust me, it wasn’t what I hoped it would be. 

Now, I still had a lovely time with my family. It was great to see people last May, after a few months without anybody. But, I had always planned on blacking out from all the alcohol I would have consumed, after a wild night in Vegas. Very cliche, but my dad works in Vegas so it would have been an all-expense paid trip! At 21, your girl has to be cheap.

Nonetheless, the day was still all about me and that’s all an attention fiend can ask for. I had a driveway party, in the rain. The cops gave me a birthday drive-by, albeit on the wrong day! I got lovely presents and had a really lovely time with all of my friends and family. I am still however longing for the wild party that I barely remember and wake up unsure of life, but knowing I had a great time, safe, obviously.

Since my dad does live in Vegas, I have visited many times. All before being 21, and I didn’t get to make it out in 2020. But, at the beginning of 2021, mere weeks before writing this, I went to Vegas as a twenty-one-year-old!

Sadly, no clubs are open. But boy did I drink like they were! I decided that I should make up for all of the lost time! I went to so many bars and tried many different alcohols. Every day I would wake up with a hangover. I was hurting for the beginning part of every day. It was a long two weeks. 

It is still a pandemic, and I wore my mask every time I wasn’t sipping. I was looked at quite weirdly, not everyone in Vegas cared about the mask, but I didn’t care about being the black sheep in that family. I kept to myself, and still partied like it was 1999! Let the record show that masks won’t cramp your style, just saying.

I like to think COVID-19 being around kept me out of a lot of trouble in Vegas, which is for the best. I got to be pretty lowkey, while still drinking like a fish. I got to play with a lot of puppies, I visited lots of old friends and got my hair done. I actually had a really lovely time. 

Storytime guys, you will faint. I was at a really cool bar that my dad works at, I was there with some girls and things were alright. Getting weird for the stupid reasons I won’t go into, but honestly, girls can only hang out for so long before something goes down. But anyway, it was decided we were going to a salsa club which I thought was odd because I knew we wouldn’t be allowed to dance because of COVID-19!

Well, we go, and we have an interesting time. As I said, things were weird at that point and ya know, alcohol was involved. There was no dancing allowed like I predicted and the night ends pretty abruptly as I was over it. 

Well, the next morning I found out that at the first bar we were at, right after we left, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly came in! Not a word of a lie. Needless to say, I was very sad. I couldn’t believe that I missed an opportunity to meet them. But it just wasn’t in the cards, I guess.

It was still a good time though, and I got to visit my dad. Like I said, my Vegas trip was a cool one. Definitely, one that will go down in history. First time being in Vegas completely legal and 21 with all the antics!

Well, here’s to a new year and hopefully better birthday celebrations. I’m grateful for my 21st birthday celebration, I‘m just hoping I don’t remember 22!