Spanglish to Spanish


Hola mi gente! Como estas mis amigos? Sorry for the Spanish, but heads up, that’s what this column is all about. I want to reflect on my journey to where I am today with the Spanish language as it is an important part of my culture. I grew up speaking English at school and especially at home, however my parents knew that it was going to be important for me to learn Spanish and to carry it with me through life. I’m pretty okay when it comes to casual Spanish, I can carry my own with Spanglish in my neighborhood. Understanding most of what people say, but not being able to fully respond is super annoying. I succeed with the basics! However,  when it comes to formal Spanish or reading and writing I really tend to struggle. 

It’s really funny how you can understand something and put it into words verbally, but when you write it down, you realize all the mistakes. I understand almost everything people say in Spanish, but I respond a lot in English. My family is from Puerto Rico so there is a slang that comes with being Puerto Rican. Also growing up in the hood, I speak Spanish a little differently than most. I then moved to a white area that was very different from my old neighborhood. Most of the people there only spoke English, very few people spoke another language. It wasn’t a very culturally diverse area. Towards the end of high school, I decided that I should probably use my Spanish a little more than I have been.

I started taking more Spanish classes, I would even speak more in Spanish. I asked some of my Spanish teachers to chat with me exclusively in Spanish at certain times of the day so that I can really practice. It is a little embarrassing, but helpful to just chat. Formal Spanish has always been difficult for me; I read and write in Spanish like a freaking child. it is difficult though because I know that I am not stupid, but when it comes to Spanish that’s how I feel. I am taking a class in college right now that I understand about 75% of everything that is going on. I have to work hard in that class, but it is worth it. When I really struggle with a passage or a writing piece, I reach out to my family. They have helped me and taught me the things that I had been missing.

Spanish is a language that has been part of my life since before I was born. My family is fluent, and I can see how it will better my future by really learning the language. Being bilingual is a definite dream of mine, it is something I am working on. I don’t always know how to respond in the best way with the best words that are correct. But I know what you are saying, I understand a lot, but I’m trying to improve. The best way is to learn the language and immerse yourself in it as much as possible. With the new class, and conversations with my family I have been doing just that. I am really working on my journey with Spanish, it is something that is very important for me.  I love my language, I think Spanish is beautiful. it is good to learn more, every day is a great day to learn.

I will continue working hard, hopefully, my articles can one day be in fluent Spanish. Maybe, I can even reach my real dream of dropping an album in Spanish. I think even Beyonce has done that, so hey why not me. Gracias mi gentes, adiós!