Welcome All!

Welcome All!

Hello All,

My name is Britney Guzman and welcome to the first entry of Quali-Tea News. In this column we will be delving into everything from how to pick the perfect pet to how to pick the perfect partner. We will be discussing topics that isn’t talked about by most but is always on everyone’s mind.

I would like to introduce myself by discussing my past and present. I have struggled with anxiety and depression since my early teenage years. One of my worst flare ups was during my Sophomore year in high school when my former friends started teasing me because I was seen as the sensitive one of the group. I wasn’t interested in much of the activities they were into and because of that they started alienating me from the group but still keeping me around them as a punching bag.

During an after school party one night, three of my friends brought me to unfamiliar house and refused to take me home. From there they mocked me for three hours while taking videos of me crying. The next day I decided to distance myself from those group of people and focus more on my mental and physical well being.

Anxiety and self harm will always be a on going battle. No person will ever be fully cured from this mental illness and that’s why for my introductory post we will be talking about mental health awareness. To get through these rough times, I would like to remind you of some of the basics to work on so we can get through all the stress and roadblocks that most of us are bound to face.

Breathe. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of it even though we do it constantly.

Whether we are cramming for upcoming deadlines or in the middle of an intense argument with others, if you find yourself mentally shutting down or in the middle of an anxiety attack, drop where your at…. close your eyes… and take several deep breaths. This helps reset your mind even if it’s to forget what your struggling with for a few seconds.

Take a Break. We are all entitled to one after all.

Whether we are desperately trying to finish an assignment, caring for rowdy children or trying to get your cats to stop fighting with each other. Don’t forget that we are all entitled to take a break… even if it’s for a couple of minutes. Taking time out for yourself everyday not only improves your mood and mental health but it increases the moods of the people around you. If you are happy with yourself you will be more likely to treat others will the same kind of happiness. While saying, “I need a break,” is something that many are reluctant to tell others with the fear of being judged or even fired, it’s important to know that we all need to give ourselves some TLC.

Talk to Someone. It’s not easier said than done

I must admit. I’m not a talker. I’m very much an introverted person so talking to others is one of my biggest fears. I hate talking to others but even someone with my level of shyness knows the importance to let others know about you current struggles. Of course, it’s important to keep a part of yourself to yourself, but if you are struggling with an issue that is driving you negatively affecting to mental and physical well being… talk to someone. Listening to other’s opinions about your issue can help bring a new perspective in your life. On the contrary, If you are not too fond of others interjecting their thoughts on your issues (much like me) find something that will just let you talk. Most of the time all you want is to tell someone who will listen and not interject.

Even though we are in a very difficult time collectively in the world, I would like to remind you guys to keep your head up and stay strong. We’re all in this struggle together.