Celebrating My Cycle 22

Celebrating My Cycle 22

Shalekiah Barton, Staff Writer

For the whole day, I’m going to do everything 22 times.
Take 22 sips.
Kiss someone 22 times on the lips.
I know for a fact, people are going to think I have a bad case of Tourette’s; but I can live with that.
It’s my day, and I can spend it how I want to.
Maybe, I’ll tell the same joke, 22 times, to the same friends just to see their reaction. I wonder if they will remind me or chalk it up to a pre-pre-semimidlife melt down.
I am still young, but old enough to do things. Real life changing shit. I already surpassed the age to gamble or drink or die to the hands of cigarettes. I need a new plan, for my cycle.
Cycle 22.
Maybe I will call 22 people and tell them each individually 22 thoughts I never had the guts to say to them. If anything goes bad, I can blame it on the 22 sips.
Besides blowing out, 22 candles I am going to attempt to make my family and friends sing the Birthday Song, 22 times. That would be hilarious, to re-start the song each time they stop. I know for a fact my youngest nieces and nephews would sing it back to back with me.

Oh how I love them, so.
Young, lucky, little boogers.

They have no stress or worries. Fresh faced and full of energy. I can barely get up for class in the mornings, or even remember my schedule.
I am getting closer and closer to a day when I will look in the mirror and not recognize who I see.
I will no longer be me, the me I am now.
This is my sequence of change. I am excited to eat my ice cream and cake. I can just imagine a beautiful, red velvet cake and the creamiest vanilla ice cream in the world. I wonder if my wish will come true. I hope their isn’t an age limit on making wishes, while blowing out the candles.

However, I don’t think any of that is real anyway. Just another thing to make us feel like all new great luck And blessings are on the horizon. I simply don’t buy it. What makes the candles so special? Special enough to grant wishes like some genie. I really wish I was in London or Paris with the love of my life – eating chocolate covered strawberries and sipping red wine.

I guess I’ll save that for my 25th cycle. I am grateful, to be able to see another year and not be physically ill or unable to celebrate.

I vow to continue to grow and learn, and never make excuses for the work I must do on Earth. When the clock strikes 12, I will no longer be in my 21st cycle. I will have to be better, work harder and set greater goals. I am very grateful for the experiences I have had, whether they were pleasant or pitiful. I hope the people who made me happy, in my 21st cycle; continue. I will get rid of anyone who has never made me feel supported and loved, if I already haven’t.

My cycle color is white. I will make sure I have on either a white dress or white shoes or a white top. The color white represents purity, and a clean slate. A birthday is like a mini New Years, but just for you and the other people who have your same birthday. It’s the one day I can be me and people will have to accept it. I choose to be in awe of myself on this day. I can laugh out of nowhere and not be called crazy. I can smile so wide and big and even dance at any moment I feel.

It’s my day and I can’t wait. It’s been 22 years in the making.