Spring Break Stay-cation

Spring Break Stay-cation

I was looking online for what to do for spring break and the cost of plane tickets, train tickets, hotel room, and car rentals are off the roof during March and April because everyone knows that college students have spring break during those months. Since we are all getting kicked out of the dorms and the hotels by a certain time on that Friday, we have no choice but to go home or plan something costly to do for spring break.

As a college student, I personally don’t have a couple of hundreds of dollars to blow on a plane ticket and a hotel room just to go to Miami or California for a couple of days of a week. Here are some things that you can do for Spring Break, not spend too much money but still have fun:

  • If weather permits, take a short road trip or a camping trip with some friends or family not too far away from home. This give you time to relax, become in touch with your natural side and be away from your normal surroundings and take time for yourself while being with a group of friends or family. Keep in mind that the only money you will need for this is money for gas and some money for food.
  • Choosing to stay home and have a “staycation” is a great way to relax and save money. The money that you save you can spend on a spa day, some yoga classes or even a concert in the area.
  • Many websites say to visit one BIG city instead of going on a road trip to many different big cities. Most big cities are the same: busy and crowded. Choose one to go to and spend your week there instead of spending money traveling from one city to another. Rates are generally lower and cheaper when you stay in one place longer.
  • The last thing that I could think of is going to a friend’s house or a relative’s house out of the area you live in and having a mini vacation there. It is a different environment and saves you money on renting a hotel room.

I happen to be spending my spring break with my best friend back at her home in North Carolina. We are taking the Am-Track which only costs us a hundred and twenty dollars for a round trip ticket. Since I don’t have to pay for a hotel room because we are staying at her house I have more money to spend on shopping, going out or whatever we plan on doing. A fifteen hour train ride may not be the simplest way to go to North Carolina but it is cheaper than a plane ticket.

Inevitably whatever you do on your spring break it is still a vacation from going to school and having loads of work to do daily. Those ten days should be used to relax and take a breather. Enjoy the time that you have off and don’t stress on what you’re going to do; a vacation is a vacation, no matter where you spend it.