My Father, The Hero


This week, there is no joke on anyone. This week, I want to tell you about my hero, and the journey that changed my life.

In June 2011, my life changed and so did my family’s. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I came downstairs all ready for the family swim. I grabbed the towels and rushed outside. Right before I got into the pool, my mom called me inside. She sat me down and waited for my dad and brothers to come join us. My brothers and I looked at eachother, confused with why our parents gathered us together. Then, our parents told us the worst news imaginable – my dad was diagnosed with Stage III Colon Cancer.

The news hit hard of course. It was cancer, and who doesn’t freak out when they hear the news. However, I did not react the same way that I would react today. In my head, my dad was superman. I knew that cancer wasn’t going to be his kryptonite. I shrugged off the news and went and swam.

As weeks went on, life didn’t change much within our house. Routines were changed a little, but nothing to the extreme. My mom still went to work, my brothers and I still went to school and sports practices, and my dad still worked while also attending his doctors appointments. However, I didn’t realize how much this new diagnosis was actually going to change my life. The next few years would prove to be the toughest, longest, and most emotionally draining years of my life.

As treatment progressed with my dad’s cancer, I couldn’t rely on him for things he normally would do. Before his illness, I was accustomed to being woken up in the morning, coming downstairs to breakfast already made, getting changed, grabbing my lunch, and then hopping into the car as my dad drove me to school. Quickly that all changed. With my brothers being away at college, I had to take on a lot more responsibility than normal. Now I know what you’re thinking – “Boo hoo, you have to do more than you’re used to.” Well those new responsibilities were not the hardest part of this new journey.

The hardest part of my dad’s cancer what the fear. The fear that I could lose my dad. The fear that I could get a call saying that my dad was in bad condition. The fear that I could never talk to my dad again. That was the hardest part. Yet with all these fears, there was never a doubt in my mind that my dad wouldn’t beat this cancer. My dad was superman.

The night before my dad’s surgery, people came over to my house so that we could pray for a safe surgery. During this time of prayer, I remember breaking down in tears. Crying because it was the one time I realized something could go wrong.

The day of my dad’s surgery finally came. It was Father’s Day and I had the championship game of my soccer tournament that day. I won my battle on the field and my dad won his battle in the hospital. My team gave me the tournament trophy to take to my dad in the hospital.  The moment my Dad and I shared together when we both saw each other that day was one I’ll never forget.

May 2013, my dad was officially cancer free. Though this journey proved to be a few of the hardest years of my life, it also proved to me how amazing my dad really is. My dad was the one diagnosed with cancer, and yet he was the rock for me during this emotional time. He remained my hero when it was my time to be his.

So thank you Dad. Thank you for teaching me how to be strong when life throws everything at you. Thank you for being my number one fan. Thank you for always being my rock. And thank you Dad for being my hero.