Friend Turned Stranger

Friend Turned Stranger

Life is unpredictable and you never know who will truly be there in future. I had a friend that was like a sister to me. Our bond was so tight not even an ant could fit. If you saw her, you saw me. She was the first person I messaged or called when I had a problem or to talk about certain subjects with. Her family welcomed me and mine welcomed her. At a point in time, I felt like she was my partner in crime. I felt I could trust her with anything. We always used to say we would be friends forever and nothing would mess up our friendship but those were just words, I guess.

We had an understanding of each other. We didn’t even need to talk to know what each other were thinking. It was always a good vibe with her. We fit like a puzzle.  However, even puzzles disassemble.

I still don’t understand how two people can be so close and now they barely talk or know anything about each other. A strong bond can break apart like a concrete wall in a short period of time. There are so many questions I ask myself because I don’t understand how people can go from being sisters to being awkward acquaintances. Was it really strong if it broke and never repaired?

Coming to the ending of our friendship, the trust we had for each other started to slip away. We both gained other friends and didn’t trust each other the same. She started keeping things from me, even though we always told each other everything. She told me what people said about me but stopped telling me who told her which I found weird. I started thinking if we were so close, why would she keep things from me or not tell me who said what. My gut was telling me something wasn’t right with that. I started moving away from her. We stopped calling or messaging each other. We started to pass each other straight in the hallways. It was so weird. I don’t think there is a good valid reason why we are not friends today.

I think our friendship could have worked if we communicated when we both felt a bad vibe instead of letting each other go separate ways. We never had a conversation about it and in our last semester of high school, we just stopped being sisters with no explanation to each other. At first, I had this don’t care attitude but when it dawned on me, it was just too late. My pride wouldn’t allow me to message her or to pull her aside to talk about it, even though we were so close before.

In every friendship, communication is a major key. Without communication, the trust is lost and there is no real friendship without those two. That friendship taught me so much because I know how to handle situations with my best friends now. I always make sure we communicate no matter the conversation or topic. I don’t ever want to lose another friend. The feeling doesn’t go away. I still miss her and hope she is doing good. Sometimes, I wish we could have a deep conversation like long ago. Till this day, I still feel our bond was special and one of a kind. She did make an impact on my life, which is why it still hurts that we are not friends anymore.

When you really love and care for someone, it’s hard to let go or to forget about them. It sticks with you forever. I was younger and wasn’t as mature as I am now. I do have some regrets but life is moving along, and I can’t keep stressing about it.

We still contact each other once in a blue moon but it’s regular conversation like “Hey,what’s up, how’s school?”  Our conversations are short and very basic. It’s like talking to a stranger or someone I just met in life. I really hate it because the conversations feel forced and awkward like we don’t know how to talk to one another.

My tip is don’t let real friendships go, especially if there is no real reason. If you guys had a good bond and nothing drastic happened, just talk about it. Communication is the key. It’s okay to put your pride aside.  However, if the other person doesn’t care when you try to communicate or brush you aside, then you can walk away knowing you tried.