Professors and the importance of it


When you go to college, you always expect to enjoy the class and learn from it. It becomes difficult when the one who is supposed to love that class can’t even explain it.
Professors are supposed to teach you to love their classes or at least to make the classes understandable. I think all students would be happy if all the professors are enthusiastic about the class they are teaching.
This is my 4th year in college and I wish all the professors would put the same passion as other professors. The first year that I made my schedule, I didn’t care who was the professor. I was lucky to have two of them that were good. My other two professors were not in their best mood since the first day of school. I don’t understand why they give you an attitude or why they make you hate the class since the first day.

I am a first-generation college student. I was trying to find help and understand how college works because it has nothing to do with high school. Some professors are willing to help you anytime and anywhere. They want you to have the opportunity that maybe they didn’t have. Others don’t care and sent you to your mentor or counselor because they don’t have the time to deal with your problems.
I give thanks to all the professors that can help you. They make your life easier. And when I say easy, doesn’t mean they give you an easy grade or their class is easy. What I am trying to say is that they are like angels when you need someone to help you or when you need to hear, “hey keep trying your best, you’ll be fine” from someone that already went through rough times. They understand that some students have work, families and many other responsibilities besides college.
However not all the time is the professor’s fault. Some students are the responsible for killing the enthusiasm of a professor. If we think about it, dealing with teenagers or people that don’t care about college or the class must be frustrating. I admire all those professors that have the patience and the way to deal with them. Some professors take it too seriously that affects the professor’s life and the way they see other students. I think the best way to not get frustrated with those students is to let them be. At the end the ones that will be affected will be them.

If it wasn’t for those professors that put passion on what they do, we wouldn’t have successful professionals around the world. However, the ones that benefit from those kinds of professors, are the ones that are smart enough not to only have a student-professor relationship but to go ahead and develop a friendship with the ones that will always be wiser than you.

It is not easy to find professors that love what they do. If you are lucky to have one, then let them know they are doing a good job too. Sometimes they need to hear from us, students, that they are doing a wonderful job. This way professors will improve or keep being the way they are.
To all the professor out there, that work hard to keep teaching students what is important in life, a big thank you and appreciation. Without your dedication and efforts, students wouldn’t be the same.