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Maritza Velasco
Maritza is a senior majoring in journalism and is in her first year on the Impact. Although she greatly regrets waiting so long to join such a great paper, she is looking forward to writing some great pieces.

" I have always enjoyed reading and writing as a child and I am grateful to all my English teachers along the way as I feel they have each molded me. Although I was raised in Newburgh, NY, which is a small city, I have a passion for the big city life and bright lights. My number one goal is to become a well-known and respected writer notable for my work. I may not have a lot to say in person, but I let my writing do all the talking for me."

Her favorite words to live by:  “A great reader makes a great writer.”

Her column is titled On a Tangent.

She can be reached at [email protected]

Maritza Velasco, Feature Editor

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Maritza Velasco