Every Fourteenth

Every Fourteenth

Ga Young Yoon, Staff Writer

Do you know when Valentine’s Day is? You might know that it is Feb. 14. But there are more holidays than you know. Let’s look to South Korea.


In Korea, there is at least one holiday every month. That’s because there is a holiday in Korea on the fourteenth of every month. So, Koreans have twelve fourteenth holidays.


Let’s start with January. Jan. 14 is Diary Day. It comes soon after the New Year starts, so, there is almost a year left after Jan. 14. People give blank diaries as gifts to their lovers, friends, and families. Before giving the diaries, the giver record birthdays and anniversaries. For example, couples can record both partners’ birthday or a 1st anniversary, or wedding day. Friends usually record only their own birthdays for fun.


One month later, Valentine’s Day is waiting. This day is about love, and it is so popular that most of the world celebrates this day. In America, people show their love and gratitude by exchanging cards and gifts such as candies and flowers. In Korea, however, Valentine’s Day is recognized as being for lovers. Also, this is the day when women give chocolate to men. Usually, many women make their own chocolate to show their love. Friends also share chocolate but most of the time, women give chocolate to men.


Do you think that’s not fair for women? Don’t worry., we have another holiday just for women.


March 14 is a day for girls and women. It’s called White Day and it’s an opposite conception of Valentine’s Day. Boys and men give hard candies to women. Of course cards, flowers, or other presents can be given on both Valentine’s Day and White Day.


There is one day for men and another day for women. It may look fair, but I feel it is unfair, because I love chocolate much more than hard candy.


After holidays for couples and lovers, we have one day for singles on April 14th. It’s called Black Day. Singles eat Jjajang Mean, a Korean style of Chinese noodle with black sauce. That’s why it is named Black Day. Some people not only eat Jjajang Mean but also wear black. Some Jjajang Mean restaurants have special events on this day. This day is for consoling singles.


After Black Day for singles, couples get another holiday. It’s Rose Day. People give roses to someone they love. Roses have a variety of meanings depending on their colors: Red roses mean passionate love, white roses mean purity, pink roses mean happy love, and orange roses mean shy confession. They can give one of the rose that matches their feelings for their lover.


Until now, they needed something like chocolate, hard candy, or roses. But now, they don’t need anything but their lovers. June 14th is Kiss Day. There is no known origin to this day when couples confirm their love by kissing. There are a lot of events on this day too, so they can enjoy those events. This day can also be celebrated by turning out the lights before a show starts so couples can kiss.


July 14 is Silver Day. Some couples share promise rings and promise their future on this day. Aug. 14 is Green Day. This day encourages people to go out and stroll through the woods. Sept. 14 is Photo Day. In Korea, it’s the autumn in September and the weather is really good. Couples go out and take pictures together. Oct. 14 is Wine Day. It was inspired by the wine festivals in Europe. People enjoy wine. November 14th is Movie Day. Every theater has special events, so people can easily to go out and enjoy the movies.


Finally, it’s the last fourteenth holiday: Dec. 14 is Hug Day.


There are a lot of holidays in Korea. Some are really popular, but others are not that popular. Valentine Day, White Day, Rose Day, and Kiss Day are the most popular. Meanwhile Diary Day, Silver Day, Photo Day, and Wine Day are not that popular and some people don’t even know these days exist.


I feel that Korea has too many holidays. Maybe, some of these days are created by greedy companies. For example, White Day in March 14th comes right after chocolate companies made a whole lot of money on Valentine’s Day.


Instead of being cynical, why not enjoying all the holidays Korea has to offer? If you have lovers, friends, or family, why not express your love and gratitude on those holidays?


Enjoy Korea’s holidays.