Making A Change

Making A Change

At time’s many people have low self of stem in making a change in their life, community, in a state, and in the nation. When I talk about change, I talking about different type of changes that many can do. It really dose not have to be in a community, state, or in the nation we live in. It can be a health change. There are many to going through health problems and have a chance to make a change in your life. How?… in taking care of their life, is by eating more healthier to take care their own body. I have seen myself many people that was once over wight and now they are in shape. There many down size in being over wight. Which obesity may increase the risk of many health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers. Those are the down side of being overweight.

Now let’s talk about making a change in doing something that you love, which I can relate too. I am really into working in the media; which I love. The thing about me is that I felt in love in filming, reporting, editing, hosting at TV show, putting a show together, and much more. The thing about me was that I never seen myself teaching media study – Video Production. In Oct of 2015, I got the opportunity to teach students at Thornton high school in Mount Vernon, NY. This was a new thing for me because I did not know how it going to turn out. I did what I thought was right to me. I went to Party City to buy filming decorations to recruit students to join the video production club. What I did was set up a table with the filming decorations, candy, and my lap top showing PSA.

What got me was the fact 50 and more students signed up for the video production club. So I said to myself “I may not get all 50 plus students to come, but I know for a fact I am going to get some students.” So weeks went by as I worked so hard to recruit students to the video production club. I stated with 3 students first and now I have 12 student soon going to be 15 students that will be apart of the video production club.

At that moment I could not believe that many students will have an interest in video production. Which made me feel happy. I made a change with in myself and in the hight school that I now teach at. I knew that I was able to do this, but did not know how it was going to turn out. I am now still in the step of continuing in bring change within Thornton high school through video production, in which students are able to get there voices heard and do not have to be scared on doing so. So any one can bring change within their life or within the work place you are working in. But have to be focus within that change a person want to being.

At time’s I wish I could do more to bring even more change. I am able to, but it’s going to take step by step. We just don’t know how fast a change can come or how low it can take. At time’s I just wonder how fast I can bring change within me and to other’s. Just being nice to a person can bring a change within their mood of day.

Change is only good when it’s positive and when it’s negative.