Year Of Redemption For Field Hockey Team


With a new season rolling around, a young Maverick Field Hockey team looks to improve on the past season with just one win. Senior midfielder Giana Magosin and junior Jackie Ballin, two of the top returners on the team, are looking forward to the addition of the new freshman.

Since the program’s inaugural season in 2010, the team improved on it’s record every year by adding more talent and different skills into the team.

But that annual improvement hit a bump in the road last season. Although the team fought hard every game, the outcome was disappointing to say the least. With one lone win under their belts last year, this year, the team has nothing to lose.

“Last season was frustrating. We were always right there sticking with every team…,” Magosin says about last year “but this means we have nothing to lose this year. There’s no where to go but up.”

With the beginning of a new season starting the first game didn’t look like the year was going to go too much better. A 5-1 loss to Assumption College Greyhounds of Massachusetts, it looked like the same old story.

But the team was determined to recover fro the loss. Refusing to make it the same old story. Focusing on the positives that comes with the negatives.

“We scored!” Ballin exclaims about the game. “It was something we struggled with the past year. So the fact that we did score is something we can work with and improve on.”

Three days after their season opener at Assumption, they then had their home opener versus Pace. A game that no team will give up without a fight.

It looked like the same as before. The Mavericks down 2-0 when suddenly something clicked. They chipped at the lead getting one goal and then their second tying the game at 2-2.

Overtime it was, in the home opener.

In sudden death with a penalty corner on their offensive end it looked as if the tide was changing. But in almost a blink of an eye it was gone. Pace had taken the game and the win.

The Mavericks record dropped to 0-2.

“It’s always frustrating to lose in overtime,” Magosin says. “But we battled.”

“We were so close,” Ballin says about the hard loss.

But onward they went. Their next game another home game. Their opponent familiar – Franklin Pierce – th team’s lone win from last season that had came in overtime.

“We knew they were going to be good. We had to work hard. It was not an easy win for us last year,” both Magosin and Ballin say together.

The game was scoreless after the first half. Many close calls on both ends. The game looking as it could go in any direction.

The second half looked almost as the same thing. A back and forth game looking to go any way. When suddenly with less than 10 minutes left a goal was scored.

The Franklin Pierce Ravens scored the lone goal of the game. Redeeming themselves from their loss last season. Kicking the Mavericks record down to 0-3.

The teams hopes of getting their first win that day was taken right out from underneath them, in a heartbreaking loss.

“That one really hurt,” Magosin says “It was our lone win last year and at that point we just really needed that under our belt.”

Per usual the team veered on. Continuing to they next game looking for their first win. Something that just never seems to come easy to this team of girls.

“It almost felt like the same routine,” Magosin says now in her fifth season with the team.

Unfortunately a losing season seemed to be somewhat of a norm during her years here on the field hockey team. Although it was never something that she took lightly, this year she was determined to not just roll over. It is time to fight for the winning season she deserves to end her career on.

Practices are never easy, especially after a loss. Having to work harder every second because there is now something to prove.

“There’s always a target on our back. Every team comes after us thinking that we are the ‘easy win’,” Ballin says about past years.

After a tough couple of days of practice preparing for their next game it had finally arrived. Another game on their home turf against Southern New Hampshire.

This time something was different.

There was a fire lit under the Mavericks. A spark that ignited and they came out of the gates dominating. Something that the other team was not expecting.

The Mavericks remained in possession of the ball for the majority of the first half. Taking shot after shot hoping something would go in. And then a penalty corner was called on the offensive end of the Mavericks. The ball was inserted and went up to the top of the circle and drove in. Ballin was there to get the rebound and slam the ball into the back of Southern New Hampshires net.

The Mavericks were up 1-0. No longer playing their regular game of catch up.

They finished the first half dominating. Outshooting their opponent 14 to 3.

The second half began and the other team began stepping up their game. A couple of close calls for the Mavericks on the defensive end. But all in all a steel wall defensively not letting anything through.

Suddenly, Ballin took the ball again. She weaved through the defensive players taking a shot bottom right corner. Goal number two for Ballin. She threw her hands in the hair while turning to her team as they ran to embrace her. Screaming and cheering they celebrated.

They were even closer to their first win of the season.

The game went on and the clock wound down. As the clock ticked to 0 the score read Mavericks 2 Southern New Hampshire 0.

The Mavericks had won their first game of the season.

Ladies running, hugging, jumping, cheering and screaming could be seen up and down the field. Smiles on all the faces in blue.

“This feels amazing,” Magosin says.

“We finally did it!” Ballin exclaimed.

But this was only the beginning. A start in the road ahead. The first win is always the hardest, but it opens the doors to being able to win even more, having the winning season that this team wants and deserves.

When asked about her goals Ballin simply says “It wasn’t just my goals, it was the defense, our goalie and our middies. It was all of us as one unit. We finally came together.”

Since the win the Mavericks have played two more games. Both close. Both overtime wins.

The field hockey team now has a record of 3-3 a .500 winning percentage. A huge feat for a team that the season before had just one win.

And for this young team the future is bright with hope on the horizon.