6 differences between the Brits and the Yanks.



You say Tomaydoh, I say Tomahtoh. You say couch, I say Settee. You say honey go get my shotgun, I say sweetheart could you make me a cup of tea. The main differences between the British and the Americans will always be the difference in language and vocabulary. However, you optimize your colors with z’s and u’s, and the British public will never understand.



Americans have always based their unorthodox class system on the sheer amount of zeros an individual has on the end of their offshore bank account, but class is normally determined by your history and family line in Britain. Anyone who makes a quick buck in the United States can be upper class but in England it’s in your blood, you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth and your first words are normally summoning the maid.



Yes, you were successful in kicking the British out of your country 300 years ago, but the British were busy dealing with the bloody French and really had other things on their plate most notably turning Australia into a prison. It’s true that America does have some very interesting parts of it’s own history, but it mostly centers around the Presidents and what they got up to. British history is filled with crazy things like the crusades into the holy land, the bubonic plague, Henry VIII and all of his wives, Shakespeare, Jack the Ripper and David Beckham’s abs. Just compare all of the above to dropping a nuke and creating mormonism, it’s no contest really.


Customer Service.

America has this incredible thing called customer service, and it means that strangers are actually nice to each other and are always willing to go out of their way to help someone. The majority of the time it’s so that they get a good tip, but it’s a breath of fresh air compared to the stone cold mentality of the Brits. If a homeless man in the street asks for some spare change the majority of Brits will ignore them because they assume he will buy drugs and not a sandwich. They sound sarcastic no matter how many ways they try saying “well done” and if a waitress falls in a restaurant spilling food everywhere it is a national obligation to shout ‘waheyyy’ and then slow clap until she gets up. America being every state apart from New York and the New Yorkers where they are the closest thing to Londoners that America has.

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                                          Brits are the bad guys, Americans play the hero. 

Has there ever been a blockbuster American movie where the protagonist (good guy) is played by a British actor? If there has been. then the only logical explanation is that there was a mix up in casting because every American movie has to have an all American hero. It’s unwritten Hollywood law. The roles for the British are always the villain, which is based on two factors. Firstly the British accent has a much more sinister tone to it and sounds much scarier than the Yankee twang. Secondly, the villainous predisposition of Brits when it comes to the American public stems back to colonial times where the hatred for the ‘Mother Country’ had never been so high. This ideology was personified perfectly in the Jaguar ad during Super Bowl 48.



The way in which Americans perceive British stars that have made it stateside is borderline obsession compared to the way the British couldn’t care less about the next American star (except Beyoncé, everybody loves Beyoncé). It started with Beatlemania and expanded from there along with the Royal Family, The Osbornes, David Beckham, Jude Law, Harry Potter, Adele and One Direction. America goes crazy for these Brits and although many American singers and movie stars have fans in Britain, they would never go to the same extent to what some American’s would do just to catch a glimpse of Harry Styles.