15 Things That Will Take 90s Kids Back To Their Childhood

15 Things That Will Take 90s Kids Back To Their Childhood

Karissa Allen, Associate Editor

10 years ago I wouldn’t have thought about any of these things the way I do now. After talking with friends and reminiscing about the past, we thought about some things that we haven’t seen in so many years, things that we now realize our childhood would be completely different if we didn’t have them. How many of these things bring you back to your childhood?


 15. OUCH! Bubble Gum 


Seven sticks of the most delicious flavors of gum: strawberry, watermelon and grape, but there was always that one flavor you didn’t like. So sugary, now it just makes you want to brush your teeth, and you don’t realize how sugary it is until you aren’t a kid anymore.


14. See Through Backpacks


You always wanted to walk around with a see through backpack. You would purposely put the coolest things you owned in your backpack so people could see that you had it. Don’t deny that you thought you were the coolest kid in the halls with a bag that everyone could see in.

13. Jellies


Some of the most uncomfortable shoes you could ever wear. The worst time to wear them was in the summer but you love them so much you had to wear them. The second you took them off, you had to wash your feet because they made your feet sweat (I know its gross, but the truth).

12. Hit-Clip


 A single clip at your finger tips. The only thing you have to do is plug the small clip into the player and you have a number one hit playing through your headphones. They were easier to carry around than a Walkman, besides, who wants to listen to the entire album anyway.

11. Masterworks Art Case

art kit

The perfect combination of crayons, markers, paint and colored pencils. Everything a kid could ask for in one case. Not saying they were always the best quality, but if you were doing arts and crafts, these cases were the go to place, and you know you were getting one for every Christmas and birthday.

10. Plastic Balloons


Who knew you could get a balloon out of a tube? The pack came with three tubes of plastic bubbles and straws. They didn’t last long but they were fun to blow up and peel off your fingers after they popped.

9. Pokèmon Cards


A game that I don’t think anyone ever understood, even the boys. It seems like people just traded them. Was it actually even a game?

8. Floam


It feels like liquid styrofoam. They said you could make fun things with it, but lets be real, the ‘master pieces’ that you created never stayed together. When it dried, it was pretty much styrofoam, but it was still one of the best things to play with.

7. Moon Shoes


Shoes that you put on over your shoes. Who would ever think of these things? Every time you stepped down the elastics were supposed to make you feel like you were walking on air. At the time it felt like it, do you ever wonder if it feels any different now that you are grown?

6. Snap Bracelets


One of the coolest accessories any girl could have had. They came in all different patterns, and brought endless entertainment. What could you snap the bracelet around besides your wrist?

5. Tamagotchi


A tiny device with three buttons that could make your ‘pet’ survive, but if you killed it don’t worry, you could just push the reset button on the back and start all over again. Now that you are older, don’t you wish things could still be like that?

4. Play Doh

play doh

The boxes of Play Doh are the things you were looking forward to at Christmas. The fun animals that were pictured on the box were something you always strived to create, but it was completely impossible. They made a chicken, you had a yellow clump of Play Doh that ended up with orange swirls. Mixing the colors was the next best thing, but we all know once you twist two colors together there is never going back.

3. Nintendo 64


It didn’t matter if you were a boy or a girl, this was something that every kid enjoyed. From Super Mario Bros. to Donkey Kong, you could spend hours trying to get past one level. Looking back now, doesn’t the controller look like a spaceship? Still looking at it with a kids’ mindset!

2. Silly Putty

silly putty

 A variation of Play Doh, but better. The only thing you could really do was roll it into a ball and throw it, roll it into a long string like a snake or put it on the comic section of the Sunday paper and peel off the ink. Whatever you do though, avoid at all costs getting it into your hair. That was never a fun experience.

1. The Parachute


We all know what everyone’s’ favorite day in gym was. When you walked into gym and you saw the parachute laying in the middle of the floor, you made sure you had your sneakers that day. It took teamwork to get the parachute up in the air, but it was worth all of the sweat that day.