Eight Signs They Are NOT The One !

Eight Signs They Are NOT The One !

Shalekiah Barton, Staff Writer

Everyone wants love. Whether it’s being showered with kisses, teddy bears, balloons and chocolates or holding hands, while taking long romantic walks. Those things are great, however, those things can blind you from realizing that you are dating the wrong person. Their are always red flags, however they are usually over looked, due to the great hugs and kisses. Do not end up finding out you’re dating a psycho,cheater, liar or even an abuser; before its too late! Here are 10 signs that He or She are not the one for you!


1. If they are Obsessive-

Who doesn’t like to know their love interest, is constantly intrigued with their every move? However, when it becomes aggressive; that is a problem. You should not have to tell them, your every step. And you should never feel pressured into being in that persons presence every single second of the day. Being smothered is creepy, only psycho killers, and soon to be deranged ex boyfriends act obsessively. You deserve space and that person should respect that you have your own mind and own life.

2. If they are Abusive-


Abuse of any kind, whether it is physical, mental or emotional; it should never be tolerated. Someone who truly values you would not want to cause you harm or pain and if your spouse does; they are clearly not the one.

3. If the are Judgmental-

If you feel at times that your mate is putting you down or criticizing you about what you wear, your interests,friendships, family, or even your appearance; that is a red flag. Your mate should accept you for who you are, after all isn’t that why they pursued you ? Their is nothing wrong with someone motivating you to be better, but if you feel condemned for being yourself; they need to get to stepping.

4. If they are Untrustworthy-

Your gut instincts are number one, and should always steer you in the right direction. if you constantly feel, like your mate is not worthy of trust; go with that instinct. If you notice his or her words don’t match their actions or they are sneaky and may be unfaithful, dump them. Any one who is truly meant for you, will not put you in any situation to doubt their character. Whether they are thinking about cheating, lying or being sneaky in anyway, its still just as bad as actually doing the acts.

5. If the are Snoopy-

Ever woke up to your mate, snooping through your phone? Dump them. Prying is a number one, no no! Without trust, your relationship is invalid. Also, that is an invasion of privacy and a violation to your space. You should be able to text who you want or take as many photos on your phone, without feeling like someone will sneak and snoop. A snooper is usually someone with trust issues and someone who is very controlling. Steer clear!

6. If they are Too Busy-

busyBeing your girlfriend or boyfriend, should be a privilege; Or at least that is how your spouse should feel. You should never allow someone to treat you like an option. If you are constantly begging for attention and quality time; that is a sign that the person is not wholeheartedly into you. A person who is deeply interested will make a way, out of no way to be with you or at least show you they care. If a guy is constantly blowing you off, that shows that he is unreliable and balance is important in a relationship. Life makes people busy, but you should never feel unwanted or taken for granted.

7. If they are Disrespectful-

Whether it is looking at other Males or females while you two are out, or posting hearts, inappropriate comments or kiss-y faces under someone’s photo; disrespect ruins relationships. If you or your spouse do not know the boundaries, that should never be crossed; you shouldn’t be together. Any thing that makes you feel uncomfortable or sad is not okay and should be examined.

8. If they are a Liar

liarLittle white lies, occur here and there in relationships. However, if your mate is constantly lying about where they go, who they are with or even what they do; they are not to be trusted. It isn’t fair for you to be honest, when your mate isn’t giving you the same respect and decency. If you catch them lying to friends or loved ones, that should definitely be a side eye moment. Let them go!

Love will find you, don’t feel compelled to accept anything from anyone; just to obtain a relationship. You deserve the best, and if you’re spouse shows any of the 8 signs, then..