12 Reasons Why College Students Love Thanksgiving Break


Shaunte Young, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is around the corner. College students throughout the country are anticipating for its arrival.

1.  An abundance of free food.

It’s only Monday, but we’re already making it rain Thanksgiving.

2. So much food that you can take the leftovers back to school.

thanksgiving turkey day thanksgiving dinner tuesday before

3. Eating til your hearts content

Kroger thanksgiving dinner turkey meal

4. Seeing your furry friends.

puppies drew barrymore television jimmy fallon fallontonight

5. Quality family time.

HULU family blackish toast family dinner

6. Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

game drinking sesame street thanksgiving parade

7. Excited seeing your hometown friends.

tackle hug the office jim halpert

8. Pre-Christmas- only 5 more Sundays until Christmas.

christmas christmas time christmas spirit christmas is coming christmas season

9. Not feeling guilty for taking much needed naps during the entire break.

GIPHY Studios Originals thanksgiving hungry turkey turkey day

10. Continue to save, by partaking in black Friday and cyber Monday.

shopping paris hilton black friday the simple life

11. Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving special will be on.

Peanuts thanksgiving charlie brown snoopy a charlie brown thanksgiving

12. Giving Thanks of course.