My Top Five Favorite ‘Mad Men’ Characters


As I continue to re-watch one of my favorite shows for the, well I have honestly lost count of how many times I have watched this show, I started to think about who are my favorite characters.

For those that do not know about Mad Men, it is a show based in the 1960’s where a man named, Don Draper, is a Creative Director at an advertising agency on Madison Avenue. Don throughout the show struggles to be the best of the best while also struggling to be a father. The show also evolves around other characters and social issues during this time period. 

5. Betty Draper aka Betty Francis

I honestly have a love-hate relationship with her because Betty can be winey and if she does not get her way then she gets upset. Betty who was once married to Don, they both got divorced and married Henry Francis. (I honestly do not know how or why he dealt with her, but he did.) What I liked about her character is towards the end of season seven, she tried to get her life together. She goes back to school. (I think that she empowers other women of this time to try and do the same.) 

4. Joan Holloway

Joan is known as being the Office Manager until the last season where she becomes, Founding and Junior Partner and Accounts Executive at Sterling Cooper & Partners. She’s seen as a sex object for the firm. Even though she is a female, she did bring accounts into the firm. **applause for Joan!**

3. Anna Draper aka real Don Draper’s wife

As confusing as it may sound, Don Draper (who actually died in the Korean War) was married to Anna. Anna then searched for the man who was using her husband’s name and found Dick Whitman. She was the only one who knew the honest truth about him. They eventually got a divorce so “Don” could live his life. 

2. Don Draper aka Dick Whitman

Don Draper or Dick Whitman or whatever you want to call him, is the man that everyone wants at their agency. He has a cocky attitude towards those other agencies. You might be wondering why he has two names. *spoiler!* Dick Whitman is Don’s real name. So, Dick served during the Korean War and when his partner died, he switched dog tags so it looks as if Don Draper was still alive and Dick Whitman was dead. 

1. Peggy Olson 

Peggy in the show starts off as Don’s secretary. She then moves her way up to becoming a creative director. What I love about Peggy’s character is that she does not allow anyone to get into her way of being who she wants to become.