10 ways to stay connected with loved ones during Covid

10 ways to stay connected with loved ones during Covid

If we can’t agree on anything else, I am sure that we can agree on how hard adapting to living in a pandemic has been. Friends are no longer as close to us as we would like and our family members seem farther than they were before. 

It’s been rough and so unfair towards our social lives but staying apart is something that must be done, especially as cases continue to rise. I am here to tell you that you should not fret and worry because there’s so many things that you can do to stay connected during these seemingly impossible times!

Here’s 10 ways you can stay connected to your loved ones during the pandemic:

Play Online Multiplayer Games

Board games with friends are distant memories and having game night at your home is no longer safe. Games such as Minecraft and Among Us can be played with friends, no matter how far apart you are. Download different games and have a game night, but apart from your friends that only require you to be in the same room. You can still be the game night king or queen but just from afar! 

2. Facetime

Being on Facetime used to be boring and I didn’t always enjoy talking to the people I would be seeing in a few hours or the next day in class. It has always been a way to stay in touch but during these difficult times, it has become a lifeline for people. Parents who are separated from their children can still see their growth and grandparents who used to babysit every weekend can still see their grandchildren. Take advantage of the free app! 

  1. Social Media 

Social media has always been a platform used to connect people together but now is the perfect time to use the apps! Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat can keep you up to date with what your friends are doing at home, 3 states away from you. A private story on snapchat can be made with all your friends so everyone can add snapshots or videos of anything crazy or fun that happens! You can even video chat on Instagram and Snapchat!

  1. Call them! 

The most common thing to see in someone’s hand nowadays is a cell phone. Take advantage of that! When you want to see your friends or cousins, pick up your phone and call them. Not everyone has access to facetime and that’s okay but there is always a way to hear your bestie and tell him or her about your wild day. Enjoy those moments with them in any way you can. 

  1. Text! Text! Text! 

Sometimes we get a bit down or just aren’t interested in showing our faces or using our voices and that is okay. Pick up your phone and give your friend a text. They probably miss you just as much as you miss them and would love to hear from you. You don’t have to have facetime or instagram to stay connected. Text your buddy and make sure they are okay. Times are rough for many and you never know what a text from you could do. 

  1. Have Watch Parties!

Can’t go to the movies? Your friends can’t come over because they have to quarantine? That is okay because now streaming platforms such as, Hulu have the option of Watch Parties. Enjoy holiday movies, the classics and your favorite shows while you’re in your bed and your bestie is in theirs! 

  1. Link up but be smart about it! 

An option like this isn’t the best idea for me because when I see my best friends, I want to squeeze them, check their faces to make sure they are okay and be arm to arm. If your best friend or sibling can come visit in a car and you can keep your distance, this is a good option for you. Tell them to come to your house and scream from your window, how much you love them and miss them! It’s fun and gives you a chance to see their smiling faces again. 

  1. Quarantine for 2 weeks!

If you do not wish to get tested and you have the time to do so, quarantine for 2 weeks and then make the trip to see your friends. Both of you or however many of you, should be doing the same thing. It is a good idea but you might not show signs of having the virus, when you do so this can be tricky without getting tested. Be smart about your decisions and do what is best for you and your loved ones! 

  1. Drop off care packages to their home!

This idea is absolutely adorable and does not have to be expensive. You can buy some of their favorite things from dollar tree, walmart or target, put it in a bag and bring it there house. Leave the gift on their doorstep or in front of their door with a sweet note and plenty of love. Sometimes being stuck in the house can drive you absolutely mad but knowing someone is thinking of you and went out there way to bring you things you like, can make you feel more connected than just seeing them in person. Don’t knock on the door, just send a text because you might want to tackle them with kisses and hugs when you see their face!

  1. Play iMessage games or regular text message games. 

Game pigeon is a mobile gaming app for iOS devices. The games included are 8-ball, cup pong, paintball, and word hunt plus many more! Connect with your friends by battling them in a game of 8-ball or sink their ships in SeaBattle! For those who do not have iPhones, that does not mean the fun stops for you. Come up with creative games to play or download apps that can give you access to similar games that you can play. A game my friends and I enjoy playing is sending pictures of different celebrities in a group chat and choosing who does the best impersonation of them, whether that be through video or voice recordings.