10 Cats Breeds for Busy College Students


Anyone who has heard me speak most likely knows that I love cats. Some people call my love an obsession but I like to refer to it as a healthy craze.

Their wonderful caring, silly, independent and forgiving personalities are some of the many reasons why cats should be the first choice for those considering getting a pet, especially during this COVID-19 era.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult for many students to adopt pets due to their hectic schedules due to long classes and work. Don’t worry this crazy cat lady has you covered.

Here are 10 of the best cat breeds for busy college students or those who are lazy pet owners.

10) Sphynx


A controversial yet somewhat easy-going breed. These cats are a very rare breed and are perfect for owners who have a relatively busy schedule but love the company of an energetic cat. These felines crave human affection and they love to be the center of attention, which makes them great for cat lovers but a little difficult to deal with if paired with other pets. Even though they love being around their owner, they will be fine being left alone for typically four to six hours a day. Just make sure that you are available for constant ear scratching and kisses when you get home!

Health: Relatively Healthy

Grooming: Even though these cats have the illusion of hair, they actually have a small layer of peach fuzz like fur, they’ll require a proper wash at least once a week.

Human Companionship: They love humans and love attention, even more, so make sure you give it to them when you can.

9) Turkish Van

Turkish Van Cat Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

While many cats hate water, it’s hard to get this feline out of the tub when it’s full! Turkish vans are known as Water Cats because they have a adoration of water. These cats are very athletic yet independent and love to have their own space which can make many owners sad (like me) but are great for very busy students. They do not like to be picked up or cuddled often and can be left alone for 7-12 hours. Their independence makes them great pets for first-time owners or for those with demanding schedules. They are a relatively healthy breed though they do struggle with obesity due to their high appetites and muscular build so don’t overfeed them. They need to be brushed weekly.

Health: Healthy and not many issues

Grooming: Thorough brush at least once a week

Human Companionship: A great pet for adults (particularly older adults)

8) Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair Stock Video Footage - 4K and HD Video Clips | Shutterstock

These cats are mesmerizing in beauty and personality. They are the second most popular cat breed (behind the Persian) and are great independent lap cats. They do not demand a lot of attention and are pretty much a fully easy-going cat. While these cats can be left alone for most of the day, they do tend to pick favorites if they live in a house full of people. They tend to cling on to one person for loyal companionship and will sit by your side all day. They have a lot of hair and need a weekly brush, however, their laid back personality is great for any human with busy schedules.

Health: Health setbacks (breathing issues due to low cartilage in the face)

Grooming: Brushed weekly (minimum)

Human Companionship: Great pets for busy adults. Very calm but lovable

7) Scottish Fold

ᐈ Scottish fold stock pictures, Royalty Free scottish fold images photos | download on Depositphotos®

It’s hard to resist grabbing and kissing this cat when you first see them!

The first fold was discovered in 1961 in the Tayside Region of Scotland, these cats’ ears fold forward then downward leaving them looking like a relative of an owl. While all Scottish Fold’s are born with straight ears, at three weeks some of the kitten’s ears will fold while the others will remain straight. The folded ears are the result of a cartilage defect, so it’s actually better to have a Fold with straight ears to try to prevent more skeletal deformities in the future. While these cats thrive on human attention and prefer being with their owners, Folds are adaptable to almost any home environment and will be fine alone until their owner comes back from a long day of classes are work

Lifespan: up to 18 years.

Health: screen for potential skeletal deformities regularly

Grooming: at least once a week.

Human Compatibility: love’s being around people but will tolerate being alone.

6)Arabian Mau

These are one of the oldest breeds of cats and have lost little of their original traits!

Originating from the Middle East, these cats are assumed to be over 1000 years old and have survived mainly on their own, which makes them a great pet for humans who are out of the house a lot. Like many other cats, these felines are asleep for most of the day (which is great for those who are working on homework!) and are up during the night. Even though they sleep a lot, they are very social with humans and are relatively healthy. Since they have evolved with many different groups of people, they are very adaptable and while they will be fine on their own, you will need to be played with when you get home to avoid them trying to play with you at night.

Health: No major health issues

Grooming: Three times a month brushing, they have no undercoat so they are very low maintenance!

Human Companionship: Love humans (and most pets). Play with them to avoid them messing with your sleep.

5) Ragdoll

Ragdoll Cats Cat Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics and Facts

They are the biggest around and the most cuddly.

These cats are known to have more of a dog-like personality as they loved being held and will even follow their human around the house! What sets these felines apart from others is their humongous size and weight. For an average adult male, they are three times the size of an average cat and will give any human a workout every time they are picked up. An average female cat is around 15 lbs while males are 20 lbs. Even though they pick up some dog qualities they are very much calm and relaxed and are great pets for owners who will be out of the house for most of the day. Just be aware that they will demand some attention when you get home!

Health: Screen for heart disease regularly

Grooming: Once every two weeks

Human Companionship: Love children, other pets, and humans. *great first-time cat*

4) Maine Coon

Brown Tabby Maine Coon Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

One of the few cats developed in the United States!

Along with the Ragdoll, these cats are one of the biggest cats with an average of 25 lbs. Since these cats evolved in close proximity to humans, these cats are very much a people pleaser and love to be with their owners as many cats do. They are loving and sweet but do well when they are left by themselves for long periods of time. They are one of the most independent breeds out there and will entertain themselves when left alone. Just beware, when you come home from a long day of work or back to back classes, you might find some upcoming assignments scattered around the house; So tuck everything away that you don’t want to be chewed up!.

Health: Big-boned and healthy!

Grooming: A very large cat with a high demand for frequent grooming. Brush twice a week

Human Companionship: People pleaser and loyal.

3) American Shorthair

Say hello to Jackson!

This breed is one of the best around and I can say that from personal experience! American Shorthair cats are (in my opinion) the most independent cat breed out there and are incredible pets for those who work or are at school for the majority of the day. When they want attention they will let you know but when you need your space they have no problem giving it to you.

While these cats (especially Jackson) loves to sleep for the majority of the day, they are fierce hunters and love to squeeze through corners at night to see if they spot anything crawling around that’s not supposed to be there. These are one of the most easy-going cats and I always recommend this breed for anyone who has a busy lifestyle but wants a loving pet. Trust me (and Jackson), you will not regret adopting this cat into your home if you ever stumble across one. They will love you just as must as you love them so make sure to spoil them with kisses and attention.

Health: Very healthy. Will live for an average of 15-20 years

Grooming: They tend to shed a lot, I personally recommend brushing two to three times a week.

Human Companionship: Independent but loves humans. However, they tend to be standoffish to many outsiders.

2) British Shorthair

British Shorthair Kitten by Life On White | British shorthair kittens, Cats, British shorthair cats

Probably the most popular cat breed worldwide.

These cats are one of the best for first-time pet owners mostly because of their fierce independence. Many people consider this cat to be one of the most standoffish cats since they “roll their eyes” at humans and walk away when you are talking to them. Attitude aside, they are one of the strongest boned cats and are incredible with children and owners who don’t like to be smothered with attention all day. They tend to sleep for the majority of the day and entertain themselves, so you don’t have to worry about playing with them during your free time. However, like other cats, they love being around people so make sure you don’t completely forget about them; Give them some head scratches every once in a while!

Health: Usually very health

Grooming: Once a week (minimum)

Human Companionship: Standoffish but loyal and great with humans.

1) Persian


They are so beautiful and many others agree.

Persian cats are by far one of the most recognizable and popular breeds around the world and love being around humans. These cats tend to sit around all day as most of the hate jumping and climbing on furniture which makes them great for busy cat owners. If you were to follow a Persian around the house for a day, you will mostly find them lounging around and sleeping. If their owner is gone, there a chance that this cat probably wouldn’t notice.

Health: Prone to respiratory and kidney disease. Regular vet visits are highly recommended

Grooming: Brushed daily. They shed a lot and their fur tends to get knotted when left un-groomed. Professional grooming at least every six weeks is highly recommended

Human Companionship: They love humans. So give them the love they deserve and they will love you twice as much back!