Top 10 Saddest Bad Bunny Songs

Bad Bunny releases a lot of feel-good music, but he’s also well known for his sad music. His emotional songs are about heartbreak, regret, and breakups. Many enjoy the emotion that Bad Bunny shows through the lyrics because they’ve possibly felt that at one point, so they like singing their heart out to something relatable.

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1. Amorfoda

Many would say this is the most emotional Bad Bunny song. Bad Bunny sings about how he was in love and how well he treated his ex-girlfriend, but now, he wishes he could take it all back because she didn’t deserve it. Bad Bunny says he hates her secretly. He wishes he was as heartless as she is because now, he doesn’t ever want to fall in love again. He expresses how because of her; He feels as if he has to ask God what love is again.


Bad Bunny – Si Estuviesemos Juntos – Paranoiia Productions 2. Si Estuviésemos Juntos

The slow beat matches the sad lyrics. Bad Bunny sings about how much he can’t stop thinking about how different things would be if he and his ex-girlfriend decided to stay together. He’s tried to be with someone else, but no one else compares to her. Even though he still waits for her, he doesn’t know if she moved on and forgot all about him.

Stream BAD BUNNY COMO ANTES by Bad Bunny – X100Pre (Álbum) | Listen online for free on SoundCloud 3. Como Antes

In this song, Bad Bunny expresses how much he misses the past with his ex-girlfriend. He keeps on thinking about the first time he made her laugh, their first date, their old conversations, and their memories. But now, he’s alone, and he keeps thinking, “why did everything have to change?” and “where did those days go?”

Stream DEMO - Bad Bunny - Otra Noche En Miami (Extended Remix) Dj Sebastian Manosalva by Dj Sebastian Manosalva | Listen online for free on SoundCloud 4. Otra Noche en Miami

The sad lyrics are hiding behind a smooth and groovy beat. It’s easy to ignore at first, but when paying attention, Bad Bunny is rapping about how his life hasn’t changed for the best since becoming famous. The song explains how he cheated on his girlfriend, who he was with before the fame, and how all the sexual encounters, money, and fame can’t fill the void. His ex-girlfriend visited him in his dream, and he can’t stop thinking about her, and why he even cheated on her because to him she was all he needed.

Solo de Mí - Wikipedia 5. Solo de Mi

The song starts slow and towards the end, the beat gets faster, and the mood changes. It starts with Bad Bunny saying that he’s his person. He’s not owned by his ex-girlfriend or anyone, just himself. He continues to sing that the relationship is dead because of his ex-girlfriend, and now he doesn’t care about what she’s up to or what she posts online. Toward the end of the song, the beat picks up, and the lyrics turn angrier. He starts singing that they’re never getting back together, and he’s better off enjoying the single life.

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6. Bye Me Fui

In this song, Bad Bunny sings about how his ex-girlfriend keeps coming back to him because she hasn’t been able to find anyone better than him. He says it’s like a cycle: they break up, she goes back to him, and he takes her back. But this time, he’s done for good. He’s tired of feeling like the safe option. He knows he should be with someone who will value his love and not with someone who looks at him as a second option.

LA CANCIÓN - song by J Balvin, Bad Bunny | Spotify 7. La Cancion

The entire song is about being over that one ex, but when that one specific song comes on the memories come flooding back. In Bad Bunny’s verse, he expresses how he doesn’t even think about his ex-girlfriend and how he is happy that she found someone else, but when their song comes on, all he thinks about is the moments they’ve shared. Like how she used to kiss him, how happy they used to make each other and how he used to fly back to visit her. Then he quickly realizes that he hasn’t completely forgotten about her as much as he thought he did.

Rlndt - bad Bunny x 100 pre - YouTube 8. RLNDT

The song starts with Bad Bunny singing about how lost he feels after the breakup. He doesn’t know in which direction to take his life, and he begins to question his purpose in life. Bad Bunny doesn’t know whose advice to take or what to do, and it scares him. At the end of the song, he realizes he’s always been his person.

Stream Bad Bunny - HACIENDO QUE ME AMAS by Bad-Bunny | Listen online for free on SoundCloud 9. Haciendo Que Me Amas

This song is about how Bad Bunny can feel that something is off in the relationship, but neither wants to admit it. He can feel there’s something off when she says “I love you” or when she kisses him. Even though he doesn’t know what’s caused this change, he prefers she break up with him rather than lead him on. Bad Bunny says that even after they break up, he wouldn’t hate her. He would even smile at her if she was with another guy.

Soy Peor by Bad Bunny on Amazon Music - 10. Soy Peor

This song is where Bad Bunny gained a lot of popularity. It’s a breakup song where Bad Bunny says that he’s better off without his ex-girlfriend because now he has the freedom to do whatever he wants, and if she thought he was bad before, he’s a thousand times worse now.