It’s time to grow up ladies and gents

Its time to grow up ladies and gents

Even though not all people in college are in their twenties yet, being in college definitely heightens the age you are and the age you feel.

When people ask me about my age I don’t feel like I am a nineteen year old in college. I feel like I am an adult in a real like setting that has responsibilities and can’t just slack off when I feel like it.

There are certain obvious things that as a girl, or almost as any person in their twenties, you should know and understand. This is NOT necessarily for all college students or even for sophomores or juniors, this is just generally what I think. But honestly, it’s time to grow the f*** up.

1-      The ability to feed yourself every day. Whether it being paying for food or cooking it, the ability to get some sort of food in your system everyday should be clearly necessary.

2-      Having at least one friend. (more than one friend would be nice but not necessary) One friend that you could tell anything to, complain to, cry to, etc..

3-      An outfit that says “I’m a mature professional,” and not “I have no idea what I’m doing with my life”. Having professional attire is something that is mandatory as soon as you get into college. Good luck going to an interview with a Mercy College hoodie and some jeans.

4-      Being able to wake up with an alarm (or 5). Whatever it takes to wake you up but your roommate or friends should have the job to wake you up for a class or work.

5-      A well-reasoned attitude toward social media. You’re part of the Facebook generation, GREAT! Now start to think about the things you are posting and sharing. THINK ABOUT IT!

6-      The ability to stay or have a relationship romantically for more than one night. Not someone to drunk text or sext with, someone who can take you are serious as you should be taking yourself.

7-      Having at least one ex that you are still in good contact with so you don’t seem like a psycho. This goes back to being mature and being able to talk to people (even if you don’t like them or want anything to do with them).

8-      A passable knowledge of your country’s political goings-on. By passable I mean that you don’t need to know exactly what is and why something is going on in the US but have enough knowledge to be in a little debate about it.

9-      A healthy relationship with your family. A Facebook message to your distant cousin once a month and going to visit mom and dad every now and then but speaking to them and staying on a good level with them is necessary. Try not to ask for money, or favors but have a healthy relationship with them… think about it, they are getting older.

10-   The ability to restrain yourself when it comes to junk food, shopping, drunk texting, and Mean Girls references. Being able to refrain from doing things that you did when you were a teenager but doing it every once in a while won’t hurt.


11-   A bank balance that is generally above $0.00. With some exceptions like when rent is due. Being able to sustain the money you have and make it work with the necessary things that you need is important as an adult.


Guys, let’s just be honest, at the age of 18 we expect to be treated like adults but we don’t act like adults. I think people don’t realize the real world we live in until they grow up, get a job and move out of mommy and daddy’s basement.

These are just general ideas, and I know that not all people think that things on this list is necessary but to each its own … (I Guess) …